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A lone cyclist and a family cycling in the mountains

Cykling in the mountains

Cycling is suitable for everyone - both kids and adults, beginners and experienced cyclists. Take the lift up to the summit and descent any of our trails either at full speed, or at a slower pace, enjoying a longer mountain ride with views.

What kind of cycling is right for you?

The mountains offer the opportunity to experience many different types of cycling where you can put your balance, courage and fitness to the test. Below is a list of all the types of cycling we offer at our destinations.

MTB cycling

MTB cycling is an umbrella term for many different types of cycling, where you use some form of mountain bike. The range of MTB cycling available at our destinations includes downhill, trail biking and cross country. 

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With us, you can experience everything from challenging and adrenaline-fuelled downhill cycling in Åre to a more family-friendly downhill pace in Sälen. Downhill consists largely of excavated trails running down the mountain. The trails have varying levels of difficulty and contain elements of jumps, drops and banked bends.

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Cross country or trail biking?

MTB cycling goes by many names. Trail cycling and cross country cycling refer to the terrain you cycle on.  

Cross country cycling

Cross country cycling, or XC cycling as it is also called, involves cycling on country roads, trails, forest roads or wherever the bike takes you. The rides can be short or several miles long and tend to focus on fitness and endurance over technical skill. 

Trail biking

The majority of trail biking at our destinations includes trails and flow trails that are excavated, relatively wide, flat and with few roots and stones. Trail biking is perfect for those who want to cycle in the mountains with the family, as the trails are suitable for most cyclists, regardless of age and experience.

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Lift accessed cycling

Lift accessed cycling means that you take the lift up to the mountain summit with your bike. All of our destinations offer some type of lift accessed cycling: Åre boasts Scandinavia's largest downhill bike park, Sälen offers family-friendly downhill cycling, while Vemdalen, Trysil and Hemsedal offer lift accessed trail biking.

Pump track

A pump track is a short loop that is built with jumps and turns and is designed in a way that allows you as a cyclist to generate speed and move forward by “pumping up and down” with your body instead of pedalling. The tracks here provide fun technical practice for both young and old cyclists.

Skills area

A skills area is a practice area where you can practice jumps, bends and balance by cycling around various elements such as jumps and rocks. The tracks have challenges for all ages, as you decide the size of challenge you want to tackle. 

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All cycling on the same pass

A BikePass gives you access to downhill and lift accessed cycling, as well as trail biking, pump tracks and skills areas.

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