SkiStar has ambitious sustainability goals and aims to reduce climate emissions by 50% by 2030. Our climate goal includes our guests' travel to our destinations, transport at the destination and climate action in our machine park, which is one of SkiStar's biggest climate impacts.

We want to make sure we contribute to reducing emissions together with our guests so that we can preserve our white winters. To reach our goals, we are launching several measures to make our destinations more sustainable.

One of them is that we invest in infrastructure and environmentally friendly fuel. It's all about ski-in lodgings, ski-out and a good ski bus offer, and we have made it possible for our visiting guests to leave their car at home and enjoy a car-free holiday.

And if the car is the most appropriate means of transport, we want the parking facilities available to be predictable and with the best possible capacity through optimum use of space.

At the start of the 2020/21 winter season, a parking fee was introduced at our Swedish destinations. In 2021/2022, Hemsedal followed, and in the 2022/2023 winter season it will be Trysil’s turn. The parking fee applies to selected spaces and free alternatives will still be possible.

Parking revenue goes to investments in sustainability


The most important focus areas are:

  • We are investing in more electric car chargers to increase the charging capacity at our destinations. In Sweden, we are also taking steps to improve charging facilities on the way to our destinations.
  • We are focusing on improving transport at the destination and developing bus/train services to our destinations with our partners so that more people can leave their cars at home.
  • To have a climate-friendly machine park, all SkiStar tracking machines and other engine-powered machines are powered by biofuel (HVO).
  • We want to make it easy for our guests to sort and recycle waste.

Selected spaces are still free of charge

Selected spaces are still free of charge. The map of each destination shows which parking rules apply.


If you have a SkiStar All Winter, SkiStar All Summer or SkiStar All Year Subscription, parking in outdoor parking spaces is included, according to signs at each location*. Read more »

*applies to all our destinations

*applies to SkiStar All Winter, SkiStar All Summer and SkiStar All Year Subscription (adult and senior) 

Sustainability is about taking care of nature in the same way that nature takes care of us. To achieve our sustainability goal, sustainability is integrated as a natural part of our entire business, with a focus on sustainable destinations.