Summer events

Welcome to a busy summer at our destinations! Our destinations offer a lot of exciting events during the summer and autumn. There is something for everyone.

Sälen, 26 Jun - 30 Jun 2022

New! SkiStar Olympic Youth Camp

Welcome to Sweden's first sustainable sports camp in proud collaboration with the Swedi...

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Åre, 29 Jun - 3 Jul 2022

Åre Extreme Week

Scandinavia's oldest multisport competition, Åre Extrem Challenge, will be changing its...

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30 Jun - 3 Jul 2022

She Rides Camp Åre

She Rides Camp Åre is a special event which offers a truly golden opportunity. She Ride...

Sälen, 2 Jul - 3 Jul 2022

Järv Adventure Sälen

Järv Adventure is a two-day team competition. Together with your team, you till explore...

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Åre, 6 Jul - 10 Jul 2022

Åre Bike Festival

If you think cycling is fun in all its forms, then Åre Bike Festival is the place to...

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Åre, 30 Jul - 6 Aug 2022

Fjällmaraton Åre (Åre Mountain Marathon)

30 July - 6 August 2022 is once again the time for the Åre Fjällmaraton (Mountain...

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Sälen, 5 Aug - 6 Aug 2022

AIM Challenge Sälen

Aim Challenge is a fun and creative multisport competition for 2-man teams that will ta...

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Sälen, 12 Aug - 14 Aug 2022

Cykelvasan Sälen - Mora

Cycle the Vasaloppet! The Cykelvasan 90 is the full, traditional Vasaloppet, but on a...

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Åre, 12 Aug - 13 Aug 2022

Järv Adventure Åre

Järv Åre is a team competition that takes you up to the mountain peaks on foot and out ...

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Åre, 13 Aug 2022

Swedeman Xtreme Triathlon

Sweden's most extreme triathlon race takes place in beautiful Åre.

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25 Aug - 28 Aug 2022

Enjoyment Weekend

Our Life Enjoyment Weekend in Sälen is for those who appreciate living life to the...

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Sälen, 1 Sep - 4 Sep 2022

Fjällmaraton Sälen (Sälen Mountain Marathon)

Fjällmaraton Sälen is a running adventure for everyone who likes to run and train - the...

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Trysil, 2 Sep - 4 Sep 2022

MTB-United bike festival

Join Denmark's biggest and coolest MTB festival - in Trysil!

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Hemsedal, 3 Sep 2022

Aim Challenge

AIM Challenge is a competition in which teams collect as many points as possible in the...

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Trysil, 3 Sep - 4 Sep 2022

Järv Adventure Trysil

Welcome to Norway's biggest mountain destination! Adventure is never far away in Trysil...

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Trysil, 8 Sep - 11 Sep 2022


Welcome to this year's girls' weekend in Trysil! Run or walk different distances on...

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Sälen, 15 Sep - 18 Sep 2022

She Rides Autumn Camp Sälen

Together, we enjoy the mountain at its most beautiful – with colourfulness and unbeatab...

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Sälen, 16 Sep - 18 Sep 2022

Body & Soul

Get your autumn off to the best possible start with a fantastic girls' weekend at Sälen...

Trysil, 16 Sep - 18 Sep 2022

Family weekend at Høyfjellssenteret

Family weekend at Høyfjellssenter with activities and great offers.

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Trysil, 6 Oct - 16 Oct 2022

Bike Out

Bike Out marks the end of the cycling season in Trysil. Lots of fun activities for youn...

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14 Oct - 16 Oct 2022

Mountain fun with Kristin Kaspersen

Together with Kristin Kaspersen, enjoy Sälenfjällen’s revitalizing atmosphere with...

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