Summer events

Welcome to a busy summer at out ski resorts!

Sälen, 21 Jun - 24 Jun

Biking opening and Midsummer celebrations in the Sälen Mountains

Midsummer is best celebrated in the province of Dalarna - in Sälen, the mountains are...

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Trysil, 21 Jun - 1 Jul

Trysil Bike Festival

Trysil Bike Festival has a varied program for the whole family. Youth camp, family day ...

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St Johann, 23 Jun

Berge in Flammen (Mountains in Flames)

With the special evening operation of St. Johann's cable cars you can easily get up to...

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Trysil, 24 Jun - 28 Jun

Camp Trysil

Are you aged between 12 and 16 years and would like to train cross-country skiing and...

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Trysil, 27 Jun - 1 Jul


The biggest event in Trysil in the summertime is Landskappleiken from 27 June until 1...

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Åre, 27 Jun - 30 Jun

St. Olavsloppet

A cross-country relay run taking place over 4 days along the beautiful St. Olaf's Way...

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Sälen, 28 Jun - 1 Jul

3 + 3 orienteering competition

3 + 3 is a three-day orienteering competition in mountain terrain with standard...

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Åre, 30 Jun

Åre Extreme Challenge

The number 1 multisport race in Scandinavia, with over 20 years of history behind it. T...

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Åre, 4 Jul - 8 Jul

Åre Bike Festival

Northern Europe's biggest bicycle festival is returning for the ninth time.

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Hemsedal, 6 Jul - 9 Jul

Roller ski festival

3 days on roller skies in Totteskogen roller ski facility.

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Hemsedal, 7 Jul

Stølsrock 2018

For the ninth year in a row, Stølsrock will take place at Jonsstølane in Hemsedal.

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Vemdalen, 16 Jul - 28 Jul

Golf Weeks in Vemdalen

The golf tradition is strong in Vemdalen and at Klövsjö-Vemdalen’s Golf Club and...

Sälen, 22 Jul - 29 Jul

Springtime Travel - Training Camp Sälenfjällen

Join us for a week's Training Camp in Lindvallen, Sälen.

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St Johann, 22 Jul

Kitzalp Duathlon

Combined duathlon of mountain biking and running – starting from the marketplace in...

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Sälen, 24 Jul

Summer concert featuring Lena Philipsson at the Högfjällshotell

Lena Philipsson's summer tour is coming to the ski slopes at Högis.

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Åre, 28 Jul - 4 Aug

KIA Fjällmaraton

A full week of mountain trekking activities in Södra Årefjällen and Central Åre (the Sw...

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Åre, 30 Jul - 4 Aug

Åre Golf week

Tournaments throughout the whole week are at Åre Golf Course - one of the most beautifu...

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Sälen, 2 Aug - 5 Aug

AIM Challenge Sälen

The Aim Challenge is a fun and creative multi-sport event that will take place in...

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Sälen, 9 Aug - 12 Aug

CykelVasan (Vasaloppet by Bike)

Starting in Sälen, you will go through all the well-known checkpoints and targets in...

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Hemsedal, 9 Aug - 12 Aug


This year will be the biggest festival ever, with guest appearances including the Harle...

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Hemsedal, 18 Aug

Aim Challenge

Welcome to the multisport competition Aim Challenge in Hemsedal on Saturday 18 August...

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St Johann, 18 Aug - 25 Aug

Cycling World Cup

50. International Cycling World Cup

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Vemdalen, 23 Aug - 26 Aug

Vemdalen Fjällmaraton

Do you like your running challenges or the very best entertainment for the whole family...

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Trysil, 6 Sep - 9 Sep


Join the biggest terrain walk and run for women in Norway. Trysilrypa gathers over 5,00...

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St Johann, 7 Sep - 9 Sep

Spartan Race

The best obstacle race in the world!

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St Johann, 22 Sep

Knödeltisch (Dumpling Table)

The longest dumpling table in the world!

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Åre, 28 Sep - 30 Sep

Åre Höstmarknad

Åre Harvest Festival is a colourful family festival where market holders, producers,...

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Hemsedal, 29 Sep - 30 Sep

Hardbarka Enduro

The Enduro Race is for anyone who enjoys cross-country cycling on rough terrain.

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Hemsedal, 6 Oct

To the top

Uphill race to Totten. Start in Hemsedal centre.

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