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Using nature as our starting point we offer a large number of activities that you can experience together with friends and family.


Padel is always a fun activit! Of course you can play it in the mountains as well! There are both inside and outside courts, but don't pay too much attention to the beautiful mountain views as you may miss your next shot...

Pool & Spa

Take care of yourself from the inside out. Rejuvenation and piece of mind are at least as important as activities to improve your wellbeing.


The environment surrounding the golf courses around our mountain resorts makes all games into golden games. Enjoy fantastic golf experiences, suitable both for beginners and experienced golfers.

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Summer at our destinations

Everything you need for an active holiday in the mountains

Do you need a new bike, a pair of sunglasses or a new jacket? No matter what you're looking for, www.skistarshop.com has everything you might need for an active holiday in the mountains, all year round. Welcome!