Our ski resorts offer a host of fast-paced, fun events where competitions, ski tests and a wide variety of entertainment are standing features. Check out the events below and book this winter’s highlights.

St Johann, 30 Nov - 24 Dec

Advent marked in St. Johann in Tirol

The Christmas market in St. Johann's pedestrianised area ensures that advent atmosphere...

Vemdalen, 27 Dec - 30 Dec

Under The Lights Vemdalen

A unique park competition where style and creativity take high priority Here, Sweden's...

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St Johann, 29 Dec

New Year's Eve Warm-Up Party in St. Johann in Tirol

Warm-Up Party - 29 December 2018, from 7.30 pm in the main square in St. Johann in Tirol

St Johann, 31 Dec

New Year's Eve in St. Johann

Celebrate the turn of the year in the Kitzbühel Alps.

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Vemdalen, 3 Jan - 6 Jan


For three intense days, Sweden's future alpine hopes will race on the Giant Slalom Slop...

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Åre, 13 Jan - 31 Jan

Åre Studentkortet SkiWeek 2019

It is as always week 3,4 and 5 (Sunday through Thursday) that applies to the student ca...

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Vemdalen, 17 Jan - 20 Jan

Night Snow Run Vemdalen

Experience an active winter weekend with both skiing and racing competitions for those...

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Vemdalen, 20 Jan - 24 Jan

Student SkiWeek Vemdalen

During a fast-paced short week, students from all over Sweden gather in Vemdalen to go...

St Johann, 21 Jan - 27 Jan


From 21-27 January 2019, the whole skiing world will succumb to a collective Hahnenkamm...

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Vemdalen, 24 Jan - 27 Jan

Vemdalen Skiing & Fun Weekend

Combine learning about the noble art of brewing with wondrous days on the slopes!...

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Vemdalen, 31 Jan - 10 Feb

Ski & Party Weekends Vemdalen

Cool skiing, après ski with a hint of fun, and hot nights of pleasure - welcome to two...

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Åre, 5 Feb - 17 Feb

Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019 - Presented by SkiStar

For the third time, from the 5th to the 17th of February 2019, Åre will host the FIS...

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Sälen, 7 Feb - 10 Feb

Mix Megapol’s Mountain Party

On February 7-10, Mix Megapol will be in Sälen, Lindvallen to give you a Mountain Party...

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Hammarbybacken, 19 Feb

Alpine World Cup returns to Hammarbybacken

It will be time for a festival of skiing on Hammarbybacken once again when the Alpine...

St Johann, 5 Mar


Carnival - known in German as Fasching, Fastnacht or Karneval - is the happy and...

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Hemsedal, 7 Mar - 10 Mar

Hemsedal Up N' Down

Hemsedal Up N’ Down is a different competition in ways that 2-3 people compete for the...

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Hemsedal, 14 Mar - 17 Mar

Hemsedal Junior Freeride

At Hemsedal JR Free ride, children and youth from the age 7-18 can compete in free...

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Hemsedal, 23 Mar - 29 Mar

Alpine Norwegian Championships

In Hemsedal, Norway's best alpine skiers will gather to determine the Norwegian alpine...

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Sälen, 28 Mar - 31 Mar

InspireUs Winter Weekend Sälen

Welcome to InspireUs Winter Weekend Sälen - a packed weekend of activities in Lindvalle...

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St Johann, 29 Mar


The winesellers of the Kitzbühler Horn invite gourmands, wine enthusiasts and pleasure...

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Åre, 4 Apr - 7 Apr

InspireUs Winter Weekend Åre

Welcome to InspireUs Winter Weekend in Åre - a weekend just for women who want to explo...

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Åre, 4 Apr - 7 Apr

RIX FM in Åre

A weekend in Åre filled with live broadcasting from the village, great artists on stage...

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Sälen, 10 Apr - 14 Apr

SkiStar Winter Games Sälen

SkiStar Winter Games Sälen is a winter party for everyone who loves going skiing. Today...

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Trysil, 10 Apr - 14 Apr

Norway's best snowboarders in Trysil

From 10-14 April Trysil will be hosting the Norwegian Snowboard Championships.

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Vemdalen, 11 Apr - 14 Apr

Vemdal’s Downhill Race

The Vemdal’s Downhill Race is a competition where everyone - beginners, children and...

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Åre, 11 Apr - 14 Apr

Skutskjutet Åre 13 April

Don't miss out - book the weekend 11-14 April now, this is when this year's funniest...

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Vemdalen, 11 Apr - 14 Apr

Girls Day Out Vemdalen

Girls Day Out in Björnrike is a lovely day on the mountain, just for girls. Ski with yo...

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Hemsedal, 13 Apr - 21 Apr

Easter in Hemsedal

Easter in Hemsedal offers many activities, competitions and performances.

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Åre, 15 Apr - 28 Apr

Easter in Åre

Easter is one of the seasons absolute highs, and it’s full of happenings during the day...

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Vemdalen, 18 Apr - 22 Apr

Easter in Vemdalen

Easter in Vemdalen offers Easter masquerade, family competitions, après ski and, of...

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Trysil, 18 Apr - 22 Apr

Easter in Trysil

Easter in Trysil is a folk party for young and old, with skiing, lazy days in the sun,...

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Sälen, 18 Apr - 22 Apr

Easter in Sälen

Easter is one of the season's absolute high points with both new and returning events....

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Vemdalen, 25 Apr - 28 Apr

Vemdalen Winter Finale

Welcome at the end of the weekend with lovely spring skiing and lots of festivities....

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Trysil, 25 Apr - 28 Apr

Trysil Winter Finale

End the ski season with Trysil Winter Finale and Trysilsmellen - a festive weekend for...

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Åre, 25 Apr - 28 Apr

Åre Winter Finale

You do not want to miss Åre’s hilarious Winter season finale. Åre Sessions and Åre Ski...

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Sälen, 25 Apr - 28 Apr

Sälen Winter Finale

Finish the ski season in Sälen with the Sälen Winter Finale. A weekend with wonderful...

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Hemsedal, 25 Apr - 28 Apr

SkiStar Winter Games Hemsedal

At SkiStar Winter Games in Hemsedal, the alpine competition season will end when all...

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Åre, 26 Apr - 27 Apr

Åre Session - part of Åre Winter Finale

Åre Sessions will play host to a number of stages and venues around Åre – from sites on...

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Hemsedal, 2 May - 5 May

Hemsedal Winter Finale

Welcome to a great end to this year's winter season with skiing and celebrations!

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