Our ski resorts offer a wide range of events.

Sälen, 10 Feb - 13 Feb 2022

Mix Megapol’s Mountain Party

The Mix Megapol Mountain party is celebrating its tenth anniversary in Sälen, Lindvalle...

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Hemsedal, 10 Mar - 13 Mar 2022

Hemsedal Up N' Down

Welcome to Hemsedal Up N´ Down! - A lift based ski event that takes place at the Hemsed...

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Sälen, 7 Apr - 10 Apr 2022

SkiStar Winter Games Sälen

SkiStar Winter Games Sälen is the large winter ski party that includes the Alpine...

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8 Apr - 10 Apr 2022

SkiStar Winter Games Trysil with the Norwegian Championships in Freeski    

SkiStar Winter Games Trysil will inspire children and young people to try out freeskiin...

Åre, 14 Apr - 17 Apr 2022

Red Bull Homerun

If you have, against all odds, missed this fast-paced competition which has already...

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Sälen, 21 Apr - 24 Apr 2022

Ski & Rock

We end the ski season in Sälen with an authentic festive ambience, with large outdoor...

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Hemsedal, 21 Apr - 24 Apr 2022

SkiStar Winter Games Hemsedal

The SkiStar Winter Games Hemsedal is the big ski party of the winter and will be closin...

14 May - 15 May 2022

Järv Adventure Hammarbybacken

Adventure competition in the middle of Stockholm. The Nacka nature reserve offers some...