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Valle's mountain adventure in Sälen

Let the kids be part of Valle's mountain adventure that leaves no one restless. With the mountain as a playground, Valle and the activity leaders take the children on unforgettable adventures.

Price: from 26 EUR

Join Valle on a mountain adventure

Valle's mountain adventure is for children between 4 and 9 years old and every day the children are given a new secret mission by Valle - to solve it, they go on an adventure together with safe leaders from SkiStar Guides. Through games, co-operation and Valle's fun challenges, the children learn about the animals and plants of the mountains and how we take care of ourselves and our nature. 

Each day ends with Valle, who of course wants to hear the children talk about the day's adventure, and as always when Valle is on the move, the joy of movement comes naturally! 

When is Valle's mountain adventure?

Sälen: week 26-32

Valle's mountain adventure is for children 4-9 years old. Valle's Mountain Adventure is a half-day activity that runs between 09:30-12:00 and can be booked Tuesday-Saturday.

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