Ski school and ski lessons for all ages

The ski school is open to everyone and lessons are available for all levels and ages. You can either hone your technique in a tailor-made private lesson or learn by playing with your buddies in the Valle ski school.

Ski school - always cheapest online

It’s always cheapest to book a ski school online, which means that you pre-book to secure your place at the ski school, saving both time and money. Pre-booking your ski school is quick and easy at and, of course, you can cancel your pre-booked ski school up to the day before your first day of attendance.

Ski school in Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen, Trysil and Hemsedal

Our ski schools are run bySkiStar Guides, who are all professionally trained instructors and guides and who want to inspire a lifelong interest in skiing. That's why a love of skiing is the foundation of how we teach. Every winter, we employ nearly 600 trained ski instructors who spread the joy of skiing to over 80,000 learners.

We offer everything from a classic group ski school for all ages, to tailor-made private lessons and exciting experiences such as morning skiing, guided off-piste tours, etc. Please note that anyone aged 7 and over needs a valid SkiPass to participate in the ski school.

Group ski school

Group ski school is a great opportunity to develop as a skier, both for you as an adult and teens. SkiStar Guides have some of Scandinavia's most reputable ski instructors.

Valle's ski school - kids group ski school

Valle’s ski school teaches kids aged 3 to 9 to be safe and confident skiers, with Valle the Snowman and Valle's best friends, the ski instructors SkiStar Guides.

Your child is always insured at ski school

Together with the insurance company Europeiska ERV, we supply a child accident insurance policy that covers your child at ski school. You don't have to choose any options or do anything at all – the insurance is automatically included when you book.

Half-day ski lessons

We offer half-day lessons in the group ski school with some of Scandinavia's most renowned ski instructors, SkiStar Guides, who will help you regardless of your level and ambition.

Private skiing lesson

A private skiing instructor from SkiStar Guides puts you on the fast track to becoming a better skier. We offer private lessons for all ages, from beginner level to genuinely advanced. Choose between skis, snowboard, telemark and cross country.