Ski rentals - easy and flexible

You can easily rent skis from us that are guaranteed to have sharp edges and a good glide. We provide delivery of ski rental to several residents, thus the equipment is already there when you come. The rented equipment should be returned to any SkiStarshop that provides ski rentals.

The skis have freshly sharpened edges, are freshly waxed and always of the latest model. You can either rent a complete kit comprising skis, skiing boots and ski sticks, or individual products. We also provide length and snowboard equipment rental. You can borrow a helmet for free when you rent skis, remember to add it to your booking. 

Renting skis: keep the following in mind

Make sure you enter correct information regarding height, weight and shoe size to make sure the best possible fit for your equipment. In our ski rental, we are glad to help you if there is something you want to change. 

SkiStarshop - our ski rental

Once you have pre-booked a ski rental, you just have to collect and enjoy the slopes without unnecessary queueing and waiting times. If it is possible to deliver to your accommodation, you can choose it when you specify a delivery point. We need your order no later than 3 days before the first day of validity in order to offer delivery.


Collect newly sharpened skis and hit the slopes. We have skis and snowboards for beginners and advanced skiers.

Rent skis


Beginner or advanced skier? We have skis and snowboards for everyone.

Rent skis


Skis are snowboard? We provide both, and for everyone, beginners and advanced skiers.

Rent skis


Advanced skier or beginner? We have skis and snowboards suited to your level.

Rent skis


We have skis and snowboards for everyone, from beginners to advanced skiers.

Rent skis