Biking in Vemdalen

Cycle your way towards the best summer mountain experiences in Vemdalen. You’ll find everything from winding paths to gravel roads just waiting to be explored.

Biking in Vemdalen

At the Skalet Express/Skalet’s main square, you will find two trails that are easy to get to via the Skalet Express. The trails are mainly made up of manmade paths that run through fields and forests. The trails have varying levels of difficulty (green/blue) with elements of jumps, drops and curves. You need a Bike or TrailPass to cycle on the trails.

You need a BikePass to take the lift up and cycle the trails. A damped-suspension bike is recommended here, but a mountain bike can also handle the terrain. BikePass is always cheapest online and you can quickly and easily collect your pre-booked BikePass from one of our SkiPass pick up automats. The BikePass enables continued development and maintenance of the trails with a focus on sustainability for nature, landowners and guests.

Cycle paths in Vemdalen

Both blue and green trails are suitable for the whole family, and no prior experience or special equipment is required. Take your mountain bike up the lift and enjoy nature while learning how to handle your bike in an exciting terrain in a safe and fun way.

Blåbärstrampet, blue

Type of Cycle: Mountain bike
Length: 0,8 km
Character: Cross country

Velodromen, green

Type of Cycle: Mountain bike
Length: 1,8 km
Character: Flowled

Rent a bike

Pre-book online well in advance to secure your bike. There is also a limited number of bikes that can be booked on site. All pre-booked bikes must be picked up by 11 am on the day the rental is due to start. If you do not notify us at the time of booking that you will be late, the bike may be rented out to visitors to the shop.

If you have any questions, please contact SkiStarshop Vemdalsskalet at 0684-151 20 or email


More biking in Vemdalen

In Vemdalen you will also find a pumptrack and skills area. You need a TrailPass to cycle in skills areas/pumptracks. TrailPass is always cheapest online and you can quickly and easily pick up your pre-booked TrailPass in one of our SkiPass pick up automats.

Pumptrack on Vemdalsskalet

A pumptrack is a type of track where you use your body to "pump" yourself forward instead of pedalling down. There’s an easy pumptrack that even the youngest cyclists can handle by the Tourist Information Centre at Skalet Square. The trail consists of two tracks, including a pump track and a gravel track (short track) on the ski slope next door.

Skills area at Skalet Express

Vemdalen’s skills area is on the slope next to the Skalet Express. A skills area is a practice area where you can practice jumps, curves, balancing or just cycling for the fun of it. The tracks are a fun technical exercise for people of all ages. Most bikes work here, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of damping.

Bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling arenas.

Important facts for lift access cycling (SLAO - PDF)

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