Two girls going hiking in the mountains on hiking trails

Mountain hiking and trail running

Start your hike or run at the summit. The lift takes you directly to the summit where you can start your tour.

Walk With the Whole Family

At our destinations, you will find hiking trails that are easy enough to hike with younger children or tougher hikes that are a huge challenge for your thigh muscles. The hiking trails are well marked with red crosses and there are both rest houses and shelters along the way. Run, hike or stroll around the mountain between coffee breaks – the pace and destination are entirely up to you.

Hiking Trails for Everyone

Taking the lift to the summit of the mountain opens up a world of hiking trails to suit all types of hiking. Buy a single ticket for the lift, online or in the SkiStar app, to get up the mountain quickly and easily and start your hike.

Take Your Trail-running to New Heights

Mountain running is for everyone. For those who already run a lot or those who want to discover a new way to get close to the great outdoors. Our hiking trails vary in difficulty level, ranging from easy walking to challenging climbs over mountain streams and rocks. Only you can set the limits here.

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Hiking and running at our destinations