Hiking and running

Start your run or hike at the summit! By using the lift you can head directly to the summit to start your hike. Here you'll find trails easy enough for you to walk with young children or harder trails that really challenge your thigh muscles. The trails are well marked with red markings, and there are huts and lean-tos along the way. Run, hike or amble around the mountain between coffee breaks. You're in complete control of your speed and destination.

Hiking for everyone

When you take the lift up to the top of the mountain, a wealth of hiking trails open up, suitable for everyone. Buy LiftPass online or in the SkiStar app to get up the mountain quickly and easily.

Take running to new heights

Alpine running for everyone. For anyone who already runs a lot or simply wants to discover a new way to get out in spectacular scenery. Our trails have varied difficulty levels, ranging from gentle catwalks to challenging climbs over mountain streams and boulders. You are the only one who knows your limits.

We offer both group and private lessons with experienced and skilled guides for both beginners and experienced runners who want to refine their technique. 

Summer event for those who like running

Hiking and running at our destinations