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Cycling for kids

Sälen has pump tracks, skills areas and easier bike trails especially adapted for children.

You need a TrailPass to cycle in pump tracks and skills areas. TrailPass is always cheapest online and you can quickly and easily pick up your pre-booked TrailPass in one of our SkiPass pick up-automats.

Pump track at Sälen Bike Park Trail

The starting point in Sälen Bike Park Trail in Lindvallen has a paved pump track of approx. 700 sqm, a green trail cycling trail of 1 km suitable for the whole family, and a blue trail suitable for slightly older children with more cycling skills. There is also a skills area with easier jumps.

Skills area Gustavtorget

Gustav Express has the Gustavstorget skills area – an area with easier jumps and bends. A great place to practice balancing, or just cycling for fun. The tracks are a fun technical exercise for people of all ages. Most bikes work here, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of damping.


Experiumtorget has a wooden pump track and a green trail for downhill cycling, suitable for anyone big enough to pedal uphill.

Valle’s bike trail

If you want to explore Lindvallen, take Valle's bike trail, which winds past restaurants, shops, barbecues and playgrounds all the way from Experiumtorget to the Conceptstore at Sälfjällstorget. It goes without saying that you can choose to cycle all or only part of Valle's bike trail.

For your safety, bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling areas.

More cycling in Sälen