Trail in Sälen

Lindvallen has six trails of varying degrees of difficulty - everything from easy beginner trails to tougher and more challenging trails. Many of the trails start from the SkiStar Bike Park Trail at Experiumtorget, where there are also two large pump tracks, a climbing park, toilets and a restaurant.

The trails consist mainly of machine-made trails that run through forests and fields. The trails have different levels of difficulty (green/blue/red) with elements of jumps, drops and measured curves.

You need a TrailPass to cycle on the trails. A damped-suspension bike is recommended here, but a mountain bike can also handle the terrain. TrailPass is always cheapest online and you can quickly and easily pick up your pre-booked TrailPass in one of our SkiPass pick up-automat. The TrailPass enables continued development and maintenance of the trails with a focus on sustainability for nature, landowners and guests.



Type of bike: Mountain bike
Length: 0,5 km
Type of trail: Flow trail
Description: The perfect introduction - here you learn to ride your bike in a safe and playful way on exciting terrain. The whole family can ride together and the more advanced riders can actively choose more challenging routes along the way. You can choose a detour via the Mystery Shopper (20), which takes you to the SkiStarshop Concept Store, or ride back on the Fun Ride (19).


Type of bike: Mountain bike
Length: 1,1 km
Type of trail: Flow trail
Description: Blue Velvet starts with a really great downhill with wonderfully moderate turns and jumps. Once you get to the bottom, you can choose to detour down Wood Pecker (21), which is a somewhat a technically difficult single track. If you go downhill, you also have to go back up - on the Blue Velvet track, this is done via comfortable switchbacks that even offer some challenges for those who want to.


Type of bike: Mountain bike
Length: 1 km
Type of trail: Flow trail
Description: As the name suggests, this route takes you up and around Valleberget at SkiStar Lodge in Lindvallen. Here you will find beautiful climbs and great fast sections that invite you to ride in a playful way.


Bike type: Mountain bike
Length: 1 km
Type of trail: Man-made obstacles and jumps on gravel paths
Description: Inspired by the winter favourite SkiStar Fun Ride, we have created a bike version. Here you can expect jumps, drops and other constructed challenges with varying degrees of difficulty. Here the whole family can develop their cycling skills and gain confidence on their bikes.


Type of bike: Mountain bike
Length: 1,5 km
Type of trail: Flow trail
Description: A green and beautiful trail that connects the SkiStarshop Conceptstore in the Lindvallen industrial area and the SkiStar Bike Park Trail at Experiumtorget. If you need something for your bike or if you have forgotten your cycling gloves at home, this is the nicest route to go shopping.


Type of bike: Mountain bike
Length: 0,2 km
Characteristics: Single track
Description: A short, challenging loop for those with good balance. Much of the route is over narrow boardwalks across a bog.

Bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling arenas.

Important facts for lift access cycling (SLAO - PDF)

Ride smart - slow down before you speed up


Go slow, wake up your body and brain, familiarize yourself with trail features, and assess today's riding conditions.


Take a few easy laps to get to know the flow of the trail.


Enjoy your ride with confidence. Remember to start small and work your way up to faster speeds and larger features over time.