Summer events in Sälen

Sälen, 13 Jun - 16 Jun 2024

Tjejmilen Sälen by EQPE

The perfect challenge in a magnificent and inspiring mountain setting. Tjejmilen Sälen by EQPE is not just a race, it's a whole weekend of fun exercise, relaxation and teamwork.

Sälen, 27 Jun - 30 Jun 2024

262 Scandinavian Mountains Gravel Route

In June, the 262 Scandinavian Mountains Gravel Route will premiere - a gravel road adventure for gravel bikers and a weekend of experiences in an exotic setting between Sälen and Trysil. Experience two countries and six challenging segments over two days on the 262-kilometre course.

28 Jun - 30 Jun 2024

3 + 3 orientation competition

Dream orientation in the Sälen mountains! The three-day 3+3 competition takes place this summer 2024 at Hemfjällstangen in Sälen.

Sälen, 28 Jun - 30 Jun 2024

Järv Äventyr Sälen by EQPE

You just have to experience the Sälen mountains in summer! Enjoy the wide open spaces, mountain paths and beautiful mountain lakes together for new adventures.

Sälen, 5 Jul - 7 Jul 2024

Women's MTB Weekend

Want to start mountain biking? Bring a friend and join our inspiring cycling weekend in Lindvallen, Sälen. A weekend tailored by women for women!

Sälen, 1 Aug - 4 Aug 2024

AIM Challenge Sälen

AIM Challenge in Sälen is a multisport in a magnificent and challenging environment where you can participate whether you are a beginner or have been competing in multisport for a long time. In teams of two, you must complete as many of the 60 controls as possible in 6 hours by cycling, running and simple navigation. The controls consist to some extent of adventurous elements such as climbing, rappelling, paddling, SUP and more. A really fun day to remember!

Sälen, 5 Aug - 11 Aug 2024

The Vasalopp Bike Festival

Welcome to wonderful days filled with activities for all ages where the focus is on cycling. As usual, the Cykelvasa race (Vasaloppet by Bike) takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, but for anyone staying at Lindvallen throughout the week, there’s a substantial range of activities for the whole family.

Sälen, 15 Aug - 18 Aug 2024

Vasaloppet's summer week - running races

Experience the entire classic Vasaloppet - on foot! Ultravasan offers 92 km of off-road running from the start in Berga village, Sälen all the way to the finish in Mora.

Sälen, 21 Aug - 25 Aug 2024

Highway Games - iChallenge Edition

Challenge yourself and your team in an awesome Crossfit competition! Feel your adrenaline pumping as you compete in the Highway Games KRAFTMARK arena, navigate the mountain summit, tackle obstacles and take on unexpected challenges. The competition takes place on the same weekend as iChallenge Sälen 2024.

Sälen, 22 Aug - 25 Aug 2024

iChallenge Sälen 2024

iChallenge Sälen is a fun training weekend filled with workouts, competitions, talks and more. Here you can challenge yourself to any of the activities, try out new forms of exercise, and learn more about exercise while enjoying the nature of Sälen.

Sälen, 29 Aug - 1 Sep 2024

Fjällmaraton Sälen by EQPE

The Fjällmaraton Sälen is a trail adventure for those who enjoy outdoor experiences, running and beautiful scenery. Choose between the 42K, 21K or 10K route and the kids can take part in the Children's Mountain Marathon.

Sälen, 20 Sep - 22 Sep 2024


EXECUTE Sälen is a team competition where you and your teammates run three sub-distances each, the total distance being 28 kilometres. The terrain is challenging and you can ski around 1,300 metres above sea level in a magnificent mountain environment. You have 15 hours to complete the challenge - dare you take it up?

Sälen, 1 Nov - 2 Nov 2024

Järv Halloween by EQPE

This autumn in Sälen offers you a weekend of exciting family adventures and dark, creepy trails. Enjoy the explosion of colours in the mountains and the wonderfully vast expanses together as a family.