Bike courses in Sälen

Sälen offers bike camps for children and young people aged 8-15, private downhill guides and group lessons for those who are new to downhill.

Teen Camp Bike Trail

In addition to bike, Teen Camp Bike also offers great and fun hanging-out with guides and new friends.  The joy of movement and fellowship are key words here and the opportunity to challenge yourself on trails, pump tracks and XC cycling.

Together with our guides, the children will help each other through various exercises and challenges to dare to try out brand new things. Read more »


Learn to Ride

A group lesson for those who are curious about downhill.  Here you'll learn the basics of downhill together with other beginners. We go through the parts of the bike, where you'll get technical tips and try out simple exercises to be able to safely make your way down the trails. Lessons are aimed at those aged ten or over. Read more »


Private bike guide

Together with our bike guides, you get a whole new experience from the saddle of a bike. We offer private downhill guiding where everyone* is welcome, whether you're a beginner or a more experienced cyclist. 

*Private guiding is open to adults and children from the age of six and older.