cycling on Sälen mountain

Summer in Sälen - discover Dalana’s mountainous scenery

Sälen is best known as Sweden's largest ski destination, but there are plenty of exciting activities to do here even in summer. Located in Dalarna, one of Sweden's most beautiful regions, many cultural monuments and experiences are within easy reach.

Here are some of the best activities to discover in Sälen and Dalarna this summer.

  1. Hiking in the mountains
    The valleys are known for their experiences of nature, and the choice of hiking trails is vast, from easy hikes on winding trails to steep paths through forests and up the hillsides. With a thermos of coffee in your backpack and a good pair of walking shoes, Dalarna is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful views.


  2. Cycling
    Sälen boasts a wealth of bike trails for mountain biking, downhill and road biking. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent one and even sign up for guided tours to explore the area safely.

  3. Adventure activities
    The valleys offer a wide range of adventure activities for the whole family. In Sälen, try the zipline and high-altitude ski in the climbing park, skate down an exciting roller coaster or ski in the middle of summer.


  4. Fishing
    The valleys are known for their fantastic fishing, and there are many lakes and streams to choose from near Sälen. You can fish from the beach or rent a boat. Fishing permits are required for most fishing waters. 
  5. Cultural experiences
    The valleys are known for their rich cultural history, and there are many museums and cultural sites to visit in and around Sälen. In the heart of Sälen village is the Vasaloppet Stone, a monument erected in honour of all the winners of Vasaloppet. Nearby you’ll also find the Olnispa Farm, where Gustav Vasa is said to have stayed during his escape from the Kristian Tyrann. 

Whether you like hiking in the mountains, cycling through the woods or taking part in exciting adventure activities, there is plenty to do in Sälen and the valleys in summer. 

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