Pump track

In Sälen we offer four pump tracks in Lindvallen for the 2021 summer season. An activity for all adventure-lovers where you have to "pump" yourself forward in order to gain speed.

A pump track is a short loop built with jumps and bends, shaped to help you generate speed and propel yourself forwards by "pumping" your body up and down, instead of pedalling. The trails are a fun technical exercise for both kids and adults - pretty much any bike will work for these.

In the summer of 2021, a brand new tarmac pump track will be built adjacent to the lit up trail in Lindvallen. The pump track will be about 700 sq. m.

There are already pump tracks at Gustavtorget, Experiumtorget* and Sälfjällstorget.

* The pump track at Experiumtorget is suitable for bikes and kick bikes. There are kickbikes available to rent at Lodgebaren.

Bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling arenas.