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Make summer memories in Åre

Mountain holiday in Åre

SkiStar Åre is a world-renowned ski resort with a vibrant village that attracts visitors all year round. During the summer, Åre transforms into one of Scandinavia's biggest cycling destinations, offering one of Europe's most popular bike parks with first-class downhill cycling as well as easily accessible trail and cross-country cycling for all skill levels.

In addition to cycling, there is a climbing park with tree climbing and over 475 km of trails for hiking and running, making Åre the perfect destination for adventure and outdoor experiences.

Downhill, trail, XC and much more


Hiking trails that suit everyone


Climbing, ziplines, play and adventure

Climbing park

First-class food experiences


New! ÅrePass

A maximised summer pass for Åre is here! You get access to all cycling in Åre as well as an adventure pool down at Holiday Club & Season Sauna.

Travel climate-smart to Åre

Get on Snälltåget's night train and start your mountain adventure. Taking the train to the mountains is both comfortable, flexible and environmentally friendly. Trains are a climate-smart way to get to Åre all year round.