Bike courses in Åre

In Åre, we offer private downhill and trail guides, several different group lessons for downhill, trail, jump and pumptrack as well as a bike camp for children aged 8-11.

Private biking guide

Together with our biking guides, you get a whole new experience from the saddle of your bike. We offer private trail and downhill guided tours where everyone* from beginners to experienced cyclists are welcome to come along and develop on their own or with family/friends. Our guides provide input based on your level and preferences. 

*Private guiding is open to adults and children from ages 6+

Intro to

Group lessons for those curious about downhill, jump and drop or trail biking. You'll learn the basics of the different cycling disciplines together with other beginners. We go through all the parts of the bike, and you'll get technical tips and try out simple exercises so that you can make your way down the trails safely.

The Intro to courses are for children aged 10+. Read more »

Bike Kids Camp

Bike Kids Camp is a camp for children aged 8-11. For two hours a day over the course of three days, we’ll train all the basic skills needed to handle a mountain bike. We’ll ride trails, pump tracks, focus on skills areas, try jumping, work on our balance, and generally have fun on our bikes. Lots of fun together and meeting new cycling friends.

Social Ride

For those who have cycled before, Social Ride is the perfect course. Fine-tune your cycling skills, whether downhill or trail cycling, and discover the joy of cycling with like-minded people. Choose between Social Ride Blue Flow, Social Ride Trail and Social Ride Destination Discovery - read more about Social Ride »