Climbing park

Come with your family or friends to Åre-Björnen for a real challenge among the treetops.

Climbing park

The climbing park consists of seven different courses with various levels of difficulty. The courses contain a total of over 50 different tasks, all located in and between the trees, including monkey bars, ridges and climbing walls. Park heights vary, with a maximum of 12 metres above the ground.

You must be 7 years old and at least 110 cm tall to be in the climbing park. The estimated time to complete all of the various courses is about 2 hours.

For our younger guests, there is a smaller park in the centre of Björnen where everyone can try out easier tasks at lower altitudes.


The climbing park also features six ziplines, the longest of which is 62 metres long and takes you on a wonderful trip over Björnbacken with views of the Åresjön lake.


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