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Two girls going for a run in the mountains

Mountain hikes and hiking trails in Sälen

Go on a family-friendly hike in Sälen and discover nature in the beautiful mountains. Hiking in Sälen offers adventure, beautiful views and a day out in the fresh air. Take the family on an expedition to the best viewpoints in Sälen, and let the little explorers find the joy of hiking in the mountains.

Plan your holiday with a hiking package

Make your trip easy and comfortable with a hiking package that includes accommodation and lift. You'll also find plenty of other cool summer activities in Sälen to turn your mountain trip into an adventure that will create lifelong memories.


Mountain hiking in Sälen with kids

Good experiences in the mountains can leave a lasting impression. Flowers, berries, animal tracks and other exciting things in the nature can help make positive and long lasting memories. There's no need to get exhausted on the way up, as there's a summer lift in Sälen that takes you up and down the mountain. The tour starts at the top, and the view of the tree line is visible before anyone gets tired.

Hiking trails in Sälen

There are many places to go hiking in Sälenfjällen. Whether it's a short excursion, a day trip or a long hike lasting several days, there are plenty of hiking trails for different capabilities. For your own safety, always bring a map and compass, sufficient water and food, and clothing for all kinds of weather. The weather can change quickly, so even if it's sunny at the start of the trip, rain and wind can come at short notice.

What makes hiking in Sälen so easy is that the lift is available on several hiking trails. There are red markings at the start where the hiking trails run, as well as cabins, picnic areas and shelters along the way.

Two highly popular hiking trails in Sälen are Södra Kungsleden, which starts in Sälenfjället, and heads towards Östfjället towards Grövelsjön. It has relatively flat mountains that are easy to walk and is around 9 km long. A more demanding hiking trail starts from Berga By and goes to Mora, in other words the 90 km long Vasaloppet trail.



Hiking and yoga in the mountains

Right now you can experience a weekend filled with relaxation and adventure where you can enjoy both hiking, yoga, relaxation and recovery at SkiStar Lodge Trysil.

From 257 EUR/person

Including hotel, hiking guide, yoga pass, etc.

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Whether you prefer to buy a day ticket for the lift or go hiking in Sälen outside of the lift, you can be prepared to see beautiful scenery. Children and adults alike will be left with positive memories of a great trip this summer. A mountain hike in Sälen is always popular and the active relaxation of hiking in Sälen creates memories for life.

Hiking trails for everyone

Finding a good hiking trail in Sälen requires relatively little preparation. On Naturkartan.se you'll find the hikes with maps, so whether you want to walk the Kari Traa trail, Östfjällsrundan, or another hiking trail, you can easily find the start of the hike, with simple color categorization that makes it easy to understand the skill level required to have a nice hike in the mountains in Sälen.

Summer summit tours in Sälen

Although quite a few people choose to travel to Sälen in winter, summer also offers many great mountain experiences. The mountains offer summit hikes of varying degrees of difficulty, whether you want to head for Närfjällsstugan or Storfjällsturerna. It's important to be careful and not put yourself or others at risk when hiking in the mountains. Remember to stay safe when hiking in the mountains.

Our top five tips for mountain hiking

  1. Plan your hike: Find out as much as you can about the trail you want to hike - how long it is, what the terrain looks like, whether it passes places to eat or shop on the way. The more you know about the trail, the better you can prepare and pack for your hike.
  2. Have the right equipment: The equipment you need depends on the type of hike you're planning to do, but you can never go wrong with a pair of proper hiking boots, windproof and waterproof clothing, as well as a backpack with water and something edible.
  3. Dress for unexpected weather: The weather can change quickly when hiking in the mountains, so always pack windproof and waterproof clothing, even if the sun is shining when you're about to set off.
  4. Adjust your speed: Take it easy and adapt your speed to the terrain and your physical ability. Take regular breaks to rest and don't forget to enjoy the views along the hiking trail.
  5. Respect the nature: Show consideration for the environment and wildlife by leaving minimal trails behind you. 

Discover the summer's event in Sälen

Sälen, 1 Aug - 4 Aug 2024

AIM Challenge Sälen

AIM Challenge in Sälen is a multisport in a magnificent and challenging environment where you can participate whether you are a beginner or have been competing in multisport for a long time. In teams of two, you must complete as many of the 60 controls as possible in 6 hours by cycling, running and simple navigation. The controls consist to some extent of adventurous elements such as climbing, rappelling, paddling, SUP and more. A really fun day to remember!

Sälen, 5 Aug - 11 Aug 2024

The Vasalopp Bike Festival

Welcome to wonderful days filled with activities for all ages where the focus is on cycling. As usual, the Cykelvasa race (Vasaloppet by Bike) takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, but for anyone staying at Lindvallen throughout the week, there’s a substantial range of activities for the whole family.

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Stay comfortably on your holiday

With its central location and proximity to both ski slopes and cycle paths and with direct connection to Experium's experience center, SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen is the perfect accommodation for those looking for active relaxation on their mountain holiday. Here you live in comfortable and cozy apartments with nature and activities right outside the door.

Outdoor gym

Stop by the gym during your jog, stretch or do a strength workout – it couldn't be simpler! You can find the outdoor gym in Lindvallen.

Outdoor gym

Restaurants & cafés

In Sälen there are plenty of cafés and restaurants that are open in summer.

Restaurants & cafés