Work out at outdoor gyms

A brand new outdoor gym is under construction in Lindvallen.

The outdoor gym will be made entirely of wood and will be located by the lit trail in Lindvallen – easily accessible to everyone. Among other things, you will be able to exercise your sense of balance, do box jumps, work out on your stomach, increase your arm strength, raise your heart rate and above all have fun! There are both lighter and heavier equipment/weights, everything necessary for anybody to come out and have a good workout outdoors in the mountain environment/nature.


The idea of the outdoor gym is that it should be simple and accessible to everyone. Stop by the gym during your jog, stretch or do a strength workout – it couldn't be simpler!


Adjacent to the outdoor gym is a balance/obstacle course for children and a skills area – a brand new bike area where you can work out on jumps, curves, balance or just cycle because it's so much fun!