11 Aug - 14 Aug 2022

CykelVasan (Vasaloppet by Bike)

Starting in Sälen, you will go through all the well-known checkpoints and targets in Mora, and CykelVasan is now a classic, just like the winter Vasalopp.

During the Vasaloppet's bike week there are a number of races, with distances to suit all tastes. The CykelVasan 45 and the CykelVasan 32 are on the Sunday, making it possible for the whole family to participate in the different races. Get to Sälen in good time for your race and charge your batteries with the Cykelvasasprinten sprint race that take place on the Friday. 


Cycle the Vasaloppet, without having to compete! Want to cycle the Vasaloppet, but without the record-chasers and the thronging crowds? CykelVasan Open Track is the entire CykelVasan 90, just without the explicitly competitive element. The course starts in Sälen and consists of 87.1 km of forest roads/gravel and 6.9 km of asphalt before you reach the finish in Mora. The course is a real challenge, so prepare yourself well, stop at the checkpoints, and remember that you are competing against yourself.

CykelVasan 94 km Saturday 13 August

The CykelVasan 90 is the full, traditional Vasaloppet, except on a bike. The start is in Sälen and you pass all the famous Vasaloppet checkpoints on your way to the finish in Mora. The race is a real challenge that takes place on 87.1 km of forest roads/gravel and 6.9 km of asphalt. Pump those tyres. Helmet on.

CYKELVASAN 32 km Sunday 14 August

The CykelVasan 30 is fitness event where the family can cycle together. The course starts in Oxberg and proceeds along the Vasaloppet course past the famous Vasaloppet checkpoints at Oxberg, Hökberg and Eldris on the way to the finish in Mora. The race takes place on 28.95 km of forest roads/gravel and 3.1 km of asphalt and is suitable for all bikes. See you at the start!

YOUTH CYKELVASAN 32 KM Sunday 14 August

Youth competition for everyone between 11 and 16 years. The start is in Oxberg, past the familiar Vasa Run checkpoints Oxberg, Hökberg and Eldris with the finish line in Mora. The race is 32 km long and takes place on 28.9 km of forest road/gravel and 3.1 km of asphalt – although the course is not technically advanced, the pace is high when it's time to fight it out for the victory wreath and the glory.


Try real mountain biking! Count on a real struggle, sweat and wobbly legs. The CykelVasan 45 is the MTB race for those looking for a real challenge, but not yet ready for the full 90 km. The first 15 km of the course is technically advanced and probably the most demanding stretch of the CykelVasan. The race is 45 km long, starts in Oxberg and takes place on 43.3 km of forest roads/gravel and 1.7 km of asphalt before you reach the finish in Mora.

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Stay, prepare and train in Lindvallen 

Sälen offers outstanding opportunities for training and preparation in a fantastic mountain setting. Experience the joy of speed in the Sälen Bike Park, enjoy mountain biking on our beautiful paths or try trailbiking in the new arena Sälen Bike Park Trail. There is something here for everyone.

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