5 Aug - 6 Aug 2022

AIM Challenge Sälen

Aim Challenge is a fun and creative multisport competition for 2-man teams that will take place in Lindvallen from 5-6 August 2022.

Lodging during the AIM Challenge

The competitionlasts for 6 hours, during which the team must make as many checkpoints as possible. There are a total of 60 checkpoints located on the mountain. Different checkpoints score different points depending on the difficulty level. It is impossible to do them all.

Many checkpoints can be reached by bike, others require participants to run, climb, swim, balance or paddle.

At the start, each team receives a roll containing two maps made of tear-resistant and waterproof material. The maps are therefore secret until the start. The team determines their own route and chooses which checkpoints they want to take.

Does it sound fun?

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