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Track descriptions Åre Bike Park - Downhill

A brief description of Åre Bike Park's downhill tracks.

Map Åre Bike Park downhill

01 - Easy rider - blue

5,004 metres of pure cycling pleasure through Åre’s magnificent highland, from the cable car’s summit station all the way down to Hummeln. A wide, machine-dug track, unrivalled in all of Scandinavia with its multiple velodromes and an almost magical flow. Suitable for cyclists of all levels, from world champs to first timers.

02 - Hällrajd - black

A black expert track that runs exclusively over Åreskutan's hollow cliffs in the highland. Fully loaded with natural obstacles, drops, steep downhills and stone blocks. Hell for beginners, but a hell of a ride for advanced cyclists. A true Åre classic!

03 - The 1000-metre trail - red

20 years on and the first section of Åreskutan built for freeride skiing is still just as much fun. A technical, rocky single track that really puts your path-finding and corner-rounding to the test. But don't forget to enjoy the view on the way down.

04 - Hjulingen - red

A wide, undulating track that takes cyclists from kalfjället down to the WC plateau. Fast-paced, rocky and sometimes technically challenging but still allows you to ride down it at a relaxed pace, if you prefer.

05 - Svartberget - black

Enjoy sensibly; don't let the seductive view distract you from cycling. This is a rocky and very technical trail along the enchanting Svartbergskanten. Your choice of path and concentration is everything.

06 - The world cup track - green

A long transport route running from Hjulingen to the Hummel lift’s valley station. Many of the mountain’s nicest tracks connect to and from this WC track.

07 - Rödkullestigen - blue

An intermediate-level single track that leads over Kalfjället's heather, parallel to the route of the WC track to the WC plateau.

08 - Organic - blue

Organic connects the Hummel lift mountain with the plateau by the VM8 mountain. A quick, short trail with some small jumps.

09 - Årevägen - green

Light but fast transport route all the way from Rödkullevägen back to the cable car and the VM6.

10 - The bräckebäck track - red

Scandinavia's prettiest single track? A rolling trail on perfect ground that winds through lush birch woods, magical waterfalls, gurgling streams and goes all the way down to the VM8 valley station. A 400-metre vertical drop of the best cycling around.

11 - French connection - red

A narrow and technical single track from the upper part of the Bräckebäck track to the lower part of Månskogens.

12 - Bräckesvängen - green

A light and fun run from Bräckevägen with nice turns and a pleasant flow. Perfect for beginners who want to test their skills with a more technical ride.

13 - Månskogen - blue

A wide and smooth single track with velodrome curves and small jumps running down towards Stjärnvägen from the World Cup plateau. Plenty of beautiful curves in an equally beautiful setting. Perfect for the intermediate cyclist.

14 - Getrappet - blue

A continuation of the Månskogen, starting at Stjärnvägen and one of Åreskutan’s most popular routes. A smooth single track with great curves that is easy to cycle, but hard to ride really fast. A challenge for all levels of cyclists!

15 - Wingman - red

Probably Åreskutan’s most talked about track, and with good reason! Wingman is a 3,300-metre long machine-dug track full of large velodrome turns and around 50 big jumps. This is an adrenaline-filled, laugh-inducing ride all the way down to Stjärntorget.


Narrow and beautiful single track with a chance to build up speed. Loaded with natural obstacles like rocks and roots. This is a track where your sense of path-finding and speed control will be of utmost importance. Another classic Åre track that’s been cycled since the dawn of time.


Åre’s downhill racecourse starts up the Hummeln with a series of steep turns in soft mountain terrain and then continues straight into a highly technical rocky section.
Another great option is to climb the DH track from the VM6 mountain station and throw yourself straight into a narrow, fast and technical challenge that doesn’t let up until you approach Stjärntorget. One of Åre’s most challenging tracks. Sweden’s own elite riders do this track in under 4 minutes. What’s your time?


Transport track from Hummeln down to the WC track. A great way to easily get to Månskogen.


A short, narrow track that takes you from Hummeln down to the Rydberg path. Just try not to get distracted by the stunning views of the valley as you round the small house of the same name.


One of Åreskutan’s most technical tracks, short but ruggedly difficult. It was part of the start of Åre’s World Cup circuit in 1999 and is even harder today than it was back then. The steep start finishes with a drop onto the Rydberg path.


A wonderful single track that offers some of the most open views on the mountains as you’re taken around Örnnästet down to the WC track along a pretty technical surface.


The legendary cycling track is also one of the few remaining parts of Åre's classic WC track. Terrifyingly steep, narrow, rocky and tremendously technical single track that finishes at the WC summit station. Defeat it and feel, justifiably, like a world champion!

23 - UFFES - RED

Fun and challenging track with tight curves and nice little jumps. The beginning can be a little daunting at first.


An easy transport route from the WC track down to Årevägen.


Transport from the Bräckebäck track and Getrappet back to the cable car and the VM6.


A long and easy track from the VM6 via the Hummel lift valley station down to Stjärntorget. A beginner's first contact with downhill cycling, and an excellent one at that.


By far Åreskutan’s most cycled route, starting directly at the descent of the VM6 and ending down at Fjällgården. An undulating machine-dug trail of jumps and velodrome turns that appeal with plenty of sweet G-force. The name comes from that feeling you get after completing a ride. No point trying to hold back that grin.


One of Åreskutan's most popular tracks, a dizzying mountain and valley track on two wheels. A machine-dug trail with velodrome turns and jumps of just the right height, which you can easily cycle straight over if you prefer.


A very steep and sometimes extremely technical single track surrounded by a beautiful barren forest. A trail that takes guts, concentration and technique. Only for the advanced - others need not apply.


A narrow and winding single track that runs from the Stjärnvägen and meets the DH trail just above Stjärntorget. Occasionally very steep and filled with lots awesome switchbacks that puts your cycling technique to the test.

31 - Dubble Dave - BLUE

A track with tight curves and elements of jumping.


A short but challenging track with built-up wallrides and wooden bridges.


A short but very steep and winding track. Technically demanding but good training for bigger challenges, higher up on the mountain.


A short but elusive track with a drop in the middle. A fun finish down to the VM6.


The route down to Stjärntorget and the VM6 ends (if you like) with one of Åre Bike Park’s biggest jumps. There's also an easier way round if you're not feeling the big jump.


A blue, flowing jump track suitable for all levels, whether you're doing your first few rides or you're a faster, more experienced cyclist. The Cobra is wide, smooth and has perfectly dosed velodrome curves, so that speed and turns alternate with some beautiful jumps. In the middle of the track you'll find Åre Bike Park's new landmark – the Snurveln bridge – which rotates a full 360 degrees!


The jump was built for the 2020 edition of Åre Bike Festival and is already a classic in the Åre Bike Park.

38 - Vinkelvolten - Blue

Machine-dug track from the summit of the VM6.

39 - Flemming Fartland - Red

Machine-dug track with good speed.

40 - Cobra Connect - Blue

New! Wide machine-dug track. Here you get to choose whether to continue towards Cobra or take a turn towards Dubble Dave or Månskogen.

We recommend that you use a full face helmet and protection when riding downhill.

Important facts for lift access cycling (SLAO - PDF)

Ride smart - slow down before you speed up


Go slow, wake up your body and brain, familiarize yourself with trail features, and assess today's riding conditions.


Take a few easy laps to get to know the flow of the trail.


Enjoy your ride with confidence. Remember to start small and work your way up to faster speeds and larger features over time.

Important information!

General local order regulations for Åre municipality §21 The public may stay on pisted slopes, lift streets and prepared cycle paths only during the opening hours that apply to public riding.

Inspection of the area does not take place after the lifts have closed.

Emergency phone 0647-13091 during lift opening hours.