Terms and conditions for SkiStar Member (VERSION 2023:05)

These membership terms and conditions ("the terms") apply to a natural person who is a user/member ("the member" or "you") and SkiStar AB (publ), reg. no. 556093-6949 ("SkiStar" or "we") as a service provider for the customer club SkiStar Member ("Member") with its associated functions.

By registering as a member of Member, you accept the terms and conditions. The terms are valid until further notice and we may make changes to the terms at any time. If you do not accept our changes, you always have the right to terminate your membership in Member.

The Swedish version of the terms is the valid version and shall, in the event of any discrepancy, prevail.

1. membership in Member

1.1 Membership in Member is free of charge and when you sign up for a membership you will receive a digital membership card in the SkiStar app. The service gives you access to bonus points on purchases, membership levels linked to activity days and membership offers, as well as skiing statistics, competitions, challenges and pins through SkiStar Game. You are also offered the opportunity to subscribe to the SkiStar All Year subscription, read more about it here. The membership year is twelve (12) months and runs from May 15 each year (hereinafter "membership year"). At each new membership year, your membership level will be adjusted based on current and future activity days. Current Member Points are not affected, read more about Member Points in section 2.

1.2 A person who has reached the age of 7 can be a member of Member. A person under the age of 16 may not become a member without parental consent. Members under the age of 18 are only entitled to take part in Game and SkiStar Free WiFi and are thus not entitled to take part in a full-scale membership, which includes offers, benefits, member points and the opportunity to take out a subscription. By registering as a member of Member, you guarantee that you are at least 7 years of age and, if you are under 16 years of age, have your parent's permission.

1.3 Through Member, you are offered to use the functions and opportunities offered by Member at your own risk. Your use of Member must be in accordance with the terms and conditions and must not violate applicable law, regulations or good practice. Furthermore, the use may not infringe the rights of third parties, be offensive or entail a risk of damage. SkiStar has the right, but not the obligation, to review your use to ensure that you do not violate the terms and conditions. 

1.4 SkiStar has the right at any time to suspend a member and its account who does not comply with the terms and conditions or acts in any other way that may cause damage to SkiStar, other members or third parties. A member who has been suspended is not entitled to re-register or use the service via another member's login. The member undertakes to hold SkiStar harmless for any damage caused by the member's use of the service. 

1.5 Membership can be terminated by the member either by contacting SkiStar via the contact details set out in section 11 or by requesting deletion of an account in the SkiStar app (please note that deletion of an account in the SkiStar app means complete deletion of your personal data at SkiStar and not just termination of membership in Member). Upon termination of membership, skiing statistics and outstanding bonus points, activity days and any unused benefits will be deleted. Membership cannot be terminated if the member has an ongoing subscription period. Deletion of personal data in connection with the termination of membership in Member takes place in accordance with SkiStar's privacy policy, see more about how we process personal data in section 9.

2. Member Points

2.1 Member Points are a free bonus system provided by SkiStar. As a member of Member, you can receive points in connection with purchases made in a staffed SkiStar store (not Pop by SkiStar), online at skistar.com and www.skistarshop.com and by telephone to our customer service department (not via SkiStar Business). The bonus system is personal and linked to your Member profile. To receive membership points for purchases in manned SkiStar stores, you must show your digital membership card, for online purchases you must make the purchase in logged-in mode and for purchases by telephone you must enter your customer number so that the membership points can be linked to you.

2.2 Member Points are only given for purchases for your own household (not group or conference bookings). This also applies when gift cards have been used as a means of payment.

2.3 Member Points are not given for the purchase of gift cards.

2.4 Member Points are registered (i) for goods - when the right of withdrawal for the purchase in question has expired in accordance with the applicable purchase conditions, (ii) for travel/activities/rentals - when the date of the return trip/activity/rental has passed.

The calculation of Member Points is as follows

2.5 The amount paid for the purchase gives the corresponding number of Member Points. The Member Points are calculated in SEK, where one (1) SEK corresponds to one (1) Member Point, the amount of the purchase is then converted to the currency in which the member pays. One (1) Member Point gives 0.005 SEK in bonus. Example: If you make a purchase of 10,000 SEK, you will receive 10,000 Member Points. The earned bonus for this purchase is then 50 SEK (0.005 SEK*10,000 Member Points).

2.6 The earned bonus can be used as a means of payment for the member's purchase in a staffed SkiStar store (not POP by SkiStar) or online at www.skistar.com and www.skistarshop.com. The bonus can never, in whole or in part, be redeemed for cash. All bonuses are registered digitally and no bonus checks are sent to the member. The member must have at least SEK 20 in earned bonus to be able to use their bonus for purchases.

2.7 Member Points are valid for 36 months from the time they are earned and then disappear from the points system. Information about earned bonuses is provided on "My page" and/or by e-mail. Upon termination of membership, earned points expire on the last day of membership.

3. Membership level

3.1 Based on your activity with us, you as a member are assigned a special membership level (basic, bronze, silver, gold or platinum) through which you are offered extra favorable discounts and offers - read more about the membership levels and special rules linked to the various discounts/benefits in logged-in mode on "My page" at  www.skistar.com.

3.2 You qualify for a level when you book an activity day or purchase a subscription (see more about subscriptions in the link in section 1.1). The current products that entitle you to an activity day can be found here. The member only remains on a specific membership level provided that the products that have been booked, which have resulted in the member qualifying for the level, are not cancelled.

3.3 Regardless of how many unique activities are booked for the same calendar day, only one activity day is obtained. Example: A member buys a SkiPass for one day and bathing for the same day. The member receives one activity day.

3.4 Past activity days are deleted at the end of the membership year, which may affect the member's membership level. A member with a subscription remains at the highest membership level at least until the subscription expires.

Distribution of activity days

3.5 Activity days are personal. Customers who book an activity day for someone other than themselves (hereafter "co-traveler") have the opportunity, provided that the co-traveler meets the conditions regarding minimum age set out in section 1.2, to invite the co-traveler to take part in their activity day and thus the benefits of the membership level. Only the payer of the activity day can invite a new or existing member to take part in their activity day. Example: A member buys two pcs. 1-day SkiPasses for himself and his friend. Since SkiPass is one of SkiStar's products that entitles the member to an activity day, the member receives an activity day. The member can choose to invite their friend to become a member so that the friend can take part in their activity day. In such cases, both the member and the friend receive one activity day each.

3.6 Payers who wish to allocate an activity day to a fellow traveler are responsible for ensuring that correct contact details are provided when the invitation is sent out. The invitation to take part in an activity day is valid until May 14, which is when the activity day has passed. After that, the passenger cannot take part in the activity day.


4.1 A member of Member will receive information about the membership, such as updates on terms and conditions, earned membership points and current membership level.

4.2 Aa member, you are also entitled to receive unique offers and valuable information from SkiStar and SkiStar's partners. Such offers or information may, for example, be sent directly to you via email, SMS or be shown to you through external channels, such as social media or SkiStar's website and/or app.

4.3 In order to communicate personalized and relevant information and offers to you as referred to in the section above, we analyze the data we have collected in different ways. This means that different members may receive different offers based on such analysis. Among other things, we analyze your previous bookings and purchases, demographic data, interests and other interactions with SkiStar. You can find more information about how we process your personal data here.

4.4 SkiStar reserves the right that there may be errors in the information provided in offers and article information such as price, etc. and reserves the right to adjust such information at any time without prior notice.

4.5 If you do not want to take part in such direct mailings referred to in section 4.2, you can unsubscribe from such at any time via "My page" or through the unsubscribe link in e-mail or SMS.


5.1 As a member, you have access to the Game function in the SkiStar app. Through Game, you can register your SkiPass and view your skiing statistics, participate in competitions/challenges, collect pins, etc.

5.2 Members who use Game can choose to create an open or hidden profile. Through the profile, the member can interact with other members, share Game information, upload a profile picture, etc. Members are offered to share content via Game at their own responsibility. The content that can be shared may, for example, include pictures, ride statistics, pins, challenges and competitions.

5.3 The member is responsible for all content that the member provides in the Game and also grants SkiStar the right to use such content in accordance with our privacy policy, see link in section 9.


6.1 Members are entitled to use SkiStar Free WiFi where it is available. SkiStar Free WiFi may only be used for personal use, not resold or offered for commercial services. SkiStar has the right to filter content, suspend and restrict users. By using the internet via SkiStar Free WiFi, you as a user are obliged to comply with Swedish law. SkiStar is not responsible for the functionality and content of any website or service accessed via SkiStar Free WiFi, damage that may occur due to the content of data transmitted via SkiStar Free WiFi, or damage caused by computer viruses or the like. Nor is SkiStar responsible for ensuring that SkiStar Free WiFi always functions completely, without delay and/or interruption.

6.2 No support for the SkiStar Free WiFi service is offered.

7. Availability

SkiStar's intention is to provide the service around the clock every day of the year. However, the service is provided as is and SkiStar makes no guarantees regarding the availability of the service. The service may be down from time to time due to planned or unplanned maintenance, operational disruptions or other circumstances. SkiStar reserves the right to update, revise, or temporarily or permanently cease providing the service.

8. Force majeure

No penalties can be claimed against SkiStar for SkiStar's failure to fulfill what is stated in the terms and conditions that are based on an exonerating circumstance that prevents or significantly impedes contractual case movement. An exempting circumstance is defined as an unforeseen circumstance beyond SkiStar's control, such as IT failure, natural disaster, fire, war, changes in legislation, government action or labor disputes.

9. Personal data

We protect your privacy and are careful to comply with current data protection legislation. SkiStar is the data controller for the personal data we process about you within the framework of Member. If you want to read our privacy policy, you can find it here.

10. Cookies

We use cookies on our websites and in our app. If you want to read our cookie policy, you can find it here.

11. Contact details

If you have any questions about Member, you are welcome to contact us.

SkiStar AB, Reg. No. 556093-6949
Phone: 0771-84 00 00
Email: booking@skistar.com  
Address: Fjällvägen 25, 780 91, Sälen (ATT: Customer support)