Terms and conditions of MySkiStar membership (VERSION 2022:01)

These membership conditions ("conditions") apply to a natural person who is a user/member ("the member" or "you") and SkiStar AB (publ), Registration No. 556093-6949 ("SkiStar" or "we") as the service provider with respect to MySkiStar customer club and the bonus system MySkiStar Points.

By registering as a member of MySkiStar, you accept the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are valid until further notice, SkiStar can make changes to the terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions applicable from time to time are availablehere. If you do not accept our changes, you always have the right to terminate your MySkiStar membership.

1. MySkiStar membership

Membership of MySkiStar is free of charge. MySkiStar members are offered the use of features and opportunities that MySkiStar offers at their own risk. The service gives the member access to skiing statistics, competitions, challenges, pins, member offers, etc.

The member’s use of MySkiStar shall be made in accordance with the terms and conditions and may not breach of applicable laws, regulations or good morality. Furthermore, use may not infringe third party rights, be offensive or cause the risk of injury. SkiStar has the right, but not any obligation, to review the member's use to ensure that the member does not violate the terms and conditions.

SkiStar has the right to block a member and its account at any time that does not comply with the terms and conditions or acts in any other way that could prejudice SkiStar, other members or third parties. A member that has been blocked is not entitled to re-register or use the service via another member's login. The member undertakes to keep SkiStar safe for any damage caused by the member through its use of the service.

Membership may be terminated by the member by contacting SkiStar in accordance with paragraph11or by removing an account in the MySkiStar app. Deletion of personal data in connection with the termination/termination of MySkiStar membership will take place in accordance with SkiStar's privacy policy, paragraph9.

2. MySkiStar Points

MySkiStar Points is a free bonus system provided by SkiStar. As a member of MySkiStar, purchases made at www.skistar.com and www.skistarshop.com will automatically be registered in MySkiStar Points bonus system.

The points system is personal and is linked to the member's MySkiStar profile.

Points are registered at the following times:

  1. For goods when the period of withdrawal for the purchase in question has expired in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions of purchase, and
  2. For travel on the day of home after your stay.

Points are only awarded for:

  1. Purchases for your own household regarding trips or goods purchased via www.skistar.com and www.skistarshop.com. When gift cards have been used as means of payment.

Points are not awarded for:

  1. Travel or goods purchased/ordered by phone or in store, or
  2. Purchases of gift vouchers.

Points are calculated as follows:

The sum paid for goods purchased gives the equivalent number of points. Points are calculated in SEK, where 1 SEK corresponds to 1 point, the total amount for goods/services purchased is then converted to the currency the member pays in. One point gives SEK 0.005 in bonus. Example: If a member spends SEK 10,000, 10,000 points are awarded. The bonus earned for this purchase amounts to SEK 50 (SEK 0.005 x 10,000 points).

The bonus earned can be used as a means of payment when the member buys travel or goods at www.skistar.com and www.skistarhop.com. The bonus cannot be used when buying travel or goods by phone or in store. The bonus can never, in whole or in part, be exchanged for cash. All bonuses are registered digitally and no bonus checks are sent to the member. The member must have at least SEK 20 in bonus earned to use bonus when purchasing.

Member points are valid for 36 months from earning, after which they will be deleted from the bonus system. Information about bonuses earned is provided on "My Page" and/or via e-mail. Upon termination of membership, points earned are lost on the last day of membership.

3. Offers and information

MySkiStar members have the right to take advantage of unique offers from SkiStar and SkiStar's partners. Such offers may be sent directly to you, e.g. via e-mail or our external channels.

SkiStar reserves the right to make errors in the information provided in offers and article information about e.g. prices. SkiStar reserves the right to adjust such information at any time without prior notice.


To access MySkiStar WiFi, MySkiStar membership is required. MySkiStar Free may only be used for own use and may not be re-sold or offered for commercial services. SkiStar has the right to filter content, disconnect and limit users. When using the internet via MySkiStar WiFi, you are required to comply with Swedish law.

We recommend when using MySkiStar WiFi:

  1. That you have a firewall on your computer,
  2. That you have updated virus protection,
  3. That you use VPN when you connect to a company network, and
  4. That you use HTTP if you want encrypted connection.

SkiStar is not responsible for:

  1. The functionality and content of any website or service that is accessed via MySkiStar WiFi,
  2. Damage that may arise from content of data communicated via MySkiStar WiFi, or damage caused by computer virus or similar, and
  3. That MySkiStar WiFi always works fully, without delays and/or disruptions.

No support for the MySkiStar WiFi service is offered.

5. Sharing of information via MYSKISTAR GAME

MySkiStar members can share content via MySkiStar Game at their own risk. The content that may be shared may include, for example, statistics, pins, challenges and competitions. The member is responsible for all content that the member provides SkiStar in MySkiStar Game and also gives SkiStar the right to use such content.

6. Age limit

Only persons who have reached the age of 7 can be members of MySkiStar. If you are under the age of 16, you may not become a member without the permission of your parent or guardian. By registering as a member of MySkiStar, you guarantee that you are at least 7 years of age and, if you are under 16, have the permission of a parent or guardian.

Only persons who have reached the age of 18 can take advantage of the MySkiStar Points bonus system.

7. Availability

SkiStar's intention is to provide the service 24/7, all days of the year. However, the service is provided in the present state and SkiStar makes no guarantee regarding the availability of the service. The service may be unavailable from time to time due to planned or unplanned maintenance, operational disruptions or other circumstances. SkiStar reserves the right to update, revise, or temporarily or permanently cease providing the service.

8. Force majeure

SkiStar cannot be held liable for failure to comply with what is stated in the terms and conditions due to a force majeure situation that prevents or significantly complicates contractual fulfilment. A force majeure situation means unforeseen circumstances beyond SkiStar's control, such as a natural disaster, fire, war, changed legislation, government action or labour dispute.

9. Personal data

We protect your privacy and comply with current data protection legislation. SkiStar is responsible for the personal data we process about you through MySkiStar.

If you would like to see our privacy policy, you can find it here. See section 5 especially for members.

10. Cookies

We use cookies on our website If you would like to see our cookie policy, you can find it here.

11. Contact details

If you have any questions about MySkiStar, you are welcome to contact us. Our contact details can be found below.

SkiStar AB, Reg. No. 556093-6949

Phone: 0771-84 00 00, email: skistarbokning@skistar.com

Address: Fjällvägen 25, 780 91, Sälen

ATT: Customer support