What is an activity day?

As a member of SkiStar Member, you have the opportunity to accumulate activity days and reach a higher membership level - the higher your membership level, the more and better benefits you get to enjoy.

SkiStar Membership levels

How do the activity days work?

  • An activity day is a booked activity, i.e. SkiPass (minimum 1 day pass), LiftPass (minimum 1 day pass), TrailPass (minimum 1 day pass), Cross-CountryPass (minimum 1 day pass) and a visit to Experium's water park or any of SkiStar’s climbing park in Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen and Hammarbybacken booked on skistar.com, in our staffed SkiStar shops (not POP by SkiStar) or over the telephone.
  • You can only get one activity per unique calendar day, i.e. if you have a SkiPass for 6-8 days and visit Experium's water park at any point during the days your SkiPass is active, it will only be counted as one activity day even if these are two separate activities.
    • This means that if you book a SkiPass for 6–8 days, you will get 8 days of activity.
  • You get your activity day in connection with an activity/product booking, i.e. if you book a 6-8 day SkiPass in August with a start date in January, you will have access to your activity days directly in August and thus get a higher membership level all at once.
  • If you cancel an activity/product, the activity days accompanying the activity/product will be deducted.
  • Once a year, your activity days will be reset, i.e. historical activity days will be removed. The reset is done annually on May 15th. At the reset, your membership level will be automatically adjusted based on how many future activity days you have booked.
  • If you have a SkiStar All Year subscription, you'll stay at platinum level for as long as your subscription is active.

Who can get activity days and climb up the membership levels?

  • If you as a customer/member book on skistar.com, your relevant activity days will be linked to your SkiStar Member profile. When you have made a booking, you will receive an email with instructions on how to invite your travel companions, so that they too can take part in the activity days and reach a higher membership level.


  • Only members who are 18 years or older can reach a higher level than Base.
  • You will still be able to earn points and use these to pay for upcoming trips and purchases at skistar.com and skistarshop.com. However, points cannot be used to go up a membership level.
  • If you have a product with optional days during a season, such as SkiStar All Winter <20, the activity days will initially be added at the end of the period of validity. When you then start using your activity days, the activity day is moved to the date that has been used.
  • SkiPass that are included in package offers are not activity-based.