What is an activity day?

As a member of SkiStar Member, you have the opportunity to accumulate activity days and reach a higher membership level - the higher your membership level, the more and better benefits you get to enjoy.


What do I need to know about being a member?

Membership is a free, personalised and fully digital loyalty programme where you earn Member Points on all your purchases in our manned SkiStarshop/Concept stores (not PoP by SkiStar), by phone and online on skistarshop.com and skistar.com. You can also collect activity days by purchasing activity day-based products, and it is through these activity days that you get to climb the membership ladder. Different membership levels give you access to different benefits and offers. All members also get access to SkiStar Game and SkiStar Free WiFi at all SkiStar’s destinations.

Our membership is offered to individuals, but you must be over 18 years of age to access the full membership programme, which also includes membership levels and a bonus scheme. By registering as a member of SkiStar Member, you guarantee that you are at least 7 years of age and, if you are under 16, have the permission of a parent or guardian. Members under the age of 18 are only allowed to participate in the SkiStar Game and SkiStar Free Wifi. 


How do activity days work? 
An activity day is a booked activity, i.e. SkiPass (minimum 1-day pass), BikePass (minimum 1-day pass), TrailPass (minimum 1-day pass), Cross-CountryPass (minimum 1-day pass), a booking at one of SkiStar's climbing parks in Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen and Hammarbybacken, or a visit to Experium's water park or morning ski booked at either skistar.com, by phone or at one of our manned SkiStar stores (not POP by SkiStar).  

You can only get one activity per unique calendar day, i.e. if you have a SkiPass for 6-8 days and visit Experium's water park at any point during the days your SkiPass is active, it will only be counted as one activity day even if these are two separate activities. This means that if you book a SkiPass for 6-8 days, you will get 8 days of activity 

If you cancel an activity/product, the activity days accompanying the activity/product will be deducted 

If you have a product with optional days during a season, such as SkiStar All Winter <20, the activity days will initially be added at the end of the period of validity. When you then start using your activity days, the activity day is moved to the date that has been used. SkiPass included in package deals are not activity-based 


Who can get activity days and climb the membership ladder?

If you, as an identified member who is over 18 years of age, are the person who always makes an activity day-based booking for you only, then you will be the one who will have the actual activity days linked to your SkiStar Member profile, as these are personal.  

When you make a booking with your travel companions who are over 18 years of age, you will receive an email with instructions on how to invite your travel companions, so that they too can take part in the activity days and reach a higher membership level.   

Under "My Membership" you can also see if you have activity days to share with other members and instructions on how to proceed. As a member, you will be assigned the activity days associated with you based on the booking you made. Example: Member buys 1-day SkiPass for themselves and a friend. Because SkiPass is one of SkiStar's products that entitles a member to an activity day, the member receives an activity day. The member can choose to invite his/her friend to SkiStar Member so that he/she can share his/her activity day. In such cases, both the member and his/her friend get their own activity day. You can never transfer personal activity days to someone else 

Member Points cannot be used to climb the membership ladder.


When does the count of activity days start over?

Once a year, the count of activity days will start over, i.e. historical activity days will be removed. This takes place on May 15 every year as a new membership year starts. At the point of new membership year, your membership level will be automatically adjusted based on how many future activity days you have booked in the new membership year. 

If you have a SkiStar All Year subscription, you'll stay at platinum level for as long as your subscription is active.

 Your Member Points will not be affected by the membership year break, but are valid for 36 months from the time of earning.


How do I earn Member Points?

We reward all your purchases made online at www.skistar.com, www.skistarshop.com, in the manned SkiStarshop/Concept store or over the phone with Member Points. Member Points are registered for goods/services when the right of withdrawal for the purchase in question has expired according to the applicable purchase conditions and for trips/activities/rentals when the date of the return trip/activity/rentals has passed. 

To earn Member Points when shopping, you must always scan your digital membership card through the SkiStar app, complete the purchase while logged in for online purchases, or provide your customer number for phone purchases.  

You will not earn points when you purchase a gift card, but you will earn points when you use an existing gift card as payment.  

Member Points cannot be earned based on purchases made in hotel restaurants or based on hotel bills at this point in time.


How do I redeem my bonus?

You must have at least 20 SEK (worth of 4000 Member Points in SEK) earned to use your bonus for purchases. In order to redeem your bonus, you must be logged into online purchases or identify yourself with your digital membership card at our checkouts. If you have enough Member Points earned to use them, you will be offered the chance to apply them at the time of payment. 


Where can I see my Member Points?

Your Member Points status is shown in My Page/My Membership and in more detail under "Earned Points", where you can see incoming points, points to use and points that are about to expire. 


For how long are my Member Points valid?

Your points are valid for 36 months from the time of earning and are not affected by the membership year reset on May 15 of each year.


What is SkiStar Game?

As a member, you get free access to the SkiStar Game feature in the SkiStar app. Register your SkiPass and view your skiing statistics, participate in competitions/challenges, collect pins and more in SkiStar Game. You can choose to create an open or hidden profile to share results and participate in the top lists. Through the profile, you can interact with other members, share SkiStar Game information, upload a profile picture, etc. 


Where do I find my offers?

You will find updated information on current offers and benefits at "My Membership" on skistar.com or via the SkiStar app under Member deals. Some offers will also be visible under the app's "purchase" tab. 


What is "My Page" and "My membership"?

"My Page" is your hub for everything related to your membership (including offers, Member Points and travel statistics), but it also gives you access to your profile information, information about bookings, and payments. You access "My Membership" through "My Page", which contains more detailed information about your offers and the membership itself.


How do I identify myself as a member?

Find your digital membership card in the app and on My Page in logged-in mode. Use it in our stores to identify yourself and to collect and use Member Points and offers on-site at our destinations. When you make purchases online, you need to be logged in.


Where do I find my Customer ID?

Your Customer ID can be found on the digital membership card on My Page or in the SkiStar app. 


Where can I use my membership?

You can use your membership at www.skistar.com, www.skistarshop.com, via our phone booking and in our manned stores/shops at all SkiStar’s destinations in Sweden and Norway. Please see SkiStar Member terms and conditions for more details.


How do you treat my personal data (GDPR)?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information regarding how we process your personal data. Read more in the membership terms and conditions.


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting our Customer Service team to assist you. They will also help you with other issues related to your membership. Contact us on the details below: 

SkiStar AB, Reg. no. 556093-6949 
Phone: 0046 (0) 771-84 00 00 
E-mail: skistarbokning@skistar.com 
Address: Fjällvägen 25, 780 91, Sälen (ATT: Customer service)