Free parking with SkiStar All

As the holder of a SkiStar All pass, you can park free of charge* in all our car parks in Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen and Hemsedal. To be able to use this offer, you need to register your car registration number with us.

Free parking is valid in our daytime car parks when charges normally must be paid, as follows:

Holder of: Park for free during the period:
SkiStar All Summer 2021 6 May - 17 October 2021
SkiStar All Winter 2021/22 18 October 2021 - 8 May 2022
SkiStar All Summer 2022 9 May - 16 October 2022
SkiStar All Year 2021/22 18 October 2021 - 17 October 2022


  • 1175 - Fee zone in the Åre ski region
  • 1275 - Fee zone in the Vemdalen ski region
  • 1975 - Fee zone in the Sälen mountains


SkiStar All holders can park for free in outdoor spaces. Exceptions are short-term parking and boarding and disembarkation zone where payment applies to everyone at current rates, including the owner of SkiStar All.


EasyPark tariff group: 3725 (with sub-selection for the parking areas)

  • P1 - 37251
  • P4 - 37254
  • P5 - 37255


Log in onto My Page, select “Orders” and click on “Information” for the SkiPass order in question. Fill in the car’s registration number in the “Parking” tab.

You only need to enter your registration number once. If you wish to change the registration number, follow the same procedure as above. The registration number is updated automatically.


*Free parking is only available with the SkiStar All pass for adults. Young people's passes do not include free parking.