Mountain safety

With the right judgement, knowledge and equipment, you can minimize the risk of an accident or injury during your mountain vacation.

At all SkiStars destinations, the rules for skiing made by SLAO (Sweden's lift facility organization) in Sweden and ALF (Alpine facility National Association) in Norway apply. When you visit our ski resort you are required to comply with these rules.

When visiting our parks or venues, note that special rules for your and other peoples safety applies.

It is prohibited to use a sledge or other similar types of vehicles within the skiing area. This prohibition applies to days, evenings and nights. Private snowmobiling is prohibited within the facilities.


All skiing outside of marked and prepared slopes is considered off-piste and is done at your own risk. Follow the signs, markings and indicated avalanche dangers. All skiers/snowboarders using ungroomed slopes should have good knowledge of assessing avalanche risk.

Avalanche risk

Respect the indicated avalanche risk and ensure that you have the knowledge required to venture outside designated areas and to assess avalanche risk. In terrain with 20-30 degrees tilt or more, the risk is constantly present, even though others have been skiing in the area.

Information about current dangers of avalanche in the area, are available through SkiStars App, which can be downloaded to your smartphone. You can also ask the ski patrol for advice.