Wonderful skiing at SkiStar's ski resorts

Book a ski holiday at any of SkiStar's ski resorts and enjoy beautiful skiing on fresh slopes or titillating skiing in fluffy, fresh snow off the piste. SkiStar’s ski resorts offer varied skiing, ranging from green beginner slopes to super steep black pistes.

Skiing in Sälen

Family-friendly Sälen is Sweden's largest alpine destination and there are fantastic opportunities for both small and adult skiers to develop. Lindvallen, with its wide and moderately steep slopes, is ideal for those who like big, beautiful carving turns. At Högfjället, most slopes are blue and green so the whole family can start their skiing holiday together from the top. Tandådalen offers both high-speed skiing and tougher slopes as well as wonderful blue carving slopes. In Hundfjället there are slopes for all tastes, from the steep Väggen to the children's favourite Trollskogen.

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Skiing in Åre

Åre offers the unique combination of skiing and amusement in northern Europe's most cosy and trendiest mountain village. Because Åreskutan is large, there are slopes and lifts in most directions. Åre Village includes Stendalen and Tväråvalvet, which are located in the high-zone terrain above the tree line, Ullådalen, where the long green / blue pistes are embedded in mountain birch terrain and Rödkullen where the ski school has its gathering place. Åre Björnen is primarily for children and families with children, and it is reflected in the selection of beginner and children slopes. It is a calmer pace in Duved, and the skiing there offers a large variation in both drop height and nature. 

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Skiing in Vemdalen

In Vemdalen's three ski areas there downhill skiing with substantial drop heights, as well as ski slopes for all levels. Vemdalsskalet’s ski area runs across two mountains with a large variety of slopes and an express lift in each valley station, which quickly takes you up to the top again. Vemdalsskalet has a large children's area where you will also find Skalet Express - a chairlift built with children in mind. In sunny Björnrike, skiers of all ages can enjoy a comfortable holiday with restaurants and accommodation close to the slopes. At each point to get off the lift there are always two alternative slopes, an easier and a harder, perfect for families and friends. Klövsjö / Storhogna extends over two mountains and offers both challenging black pistes, as well as wide children's slopes with fluffy, nice natural snow.

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Skiing in Trysil

Family-friendly Trysil is Norway's largest ski resort, ranging from large children's areas to varied skiing on long and wide slopes. Everything is built around Trysilfjället, where wide and long slopes wind down the mountain sides and continue below the tree line. Trysil consists of four connected ski areas, all with their own distinctive features. From the black slopes of Høgegga to the red, blue and green slopes at Skihytta, Trysil Turistsenter and Trysil Høyfjellssenter. In addition, there are large children's areas on both sides of the mountain.

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Skiing in Hemsedal

Hemsedal has a wide and varied skiing selection that suits both beginners and experienced skiers. Here there are both steeper red and black slopes and easy blue and green slopes. There are also several snow parks, a large children's area and off-piste opportunities readily available. High mountains surround Hemsedal and provide an atmosphere reminiscent of the Alps. Kilometres of groomed slopes running down three different peaks.

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Skiing in Hammarbybacken

In Hammarbybacken there are five different slopes with varying degrees of difficulty. Here is something for all skiing styles and levels. To the left is beginner slope Vemdalen with a surface lift (c) that makes it easy for children and beginners to make their way up. If you are interested in jumps and rails, the SkiStar Snow Park is a good training ground for beginners and average skiers.

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