Vemdalen consists of the ski areas Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö/Storhogna.

Vemdalens height above sea level and its inland climate mean snow security and an early start to the season. 81.1 percent of the total surface area of descents is covered by modern and powerful snow systems, which guarantees high standards during the entire winter.

The ski area has grown during the last seasons with six 6-seat express lifts (of wich 2 are among the fastest ones i Scandinavia) and several new descents. In total there are 58 descents and 35 lifts in the three ski areas; Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö/Storhogna. 

‘Proximity’ (480 km from Stockholm) and a single SkiPass for the whole of Vemdalen are other factors which make the town a popular travel destination. 

Vemdalsskalet Klövsjö/Storhogna Björnrike
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