Gems in Vemdalen

Vemdalen has several amazing and unexplored gems that not everyone knows of. Our destination experts have made a list of their top tips to make your ski holiday anything but ordinary.

National team's favourite slope

Our National Alpine teams love to train at several of our destinations, which we are very happy about. Last season the women's national team was in Vemdalen. Nääsbranten (slope 13) at Vemdalsskalet is one of their favourites, which we understand – if you haven't tried it, we can warmly recommend it.

Looking for more space to turn?

It's not uncommon that our guests miss some things that our ski areas, apart from Vemdalsskalet, have to offer – but spending at least a day in Klövsjö/Storhogna is a must during a ski holiday in Vemdalen. It is the largest ski area in Vemdalen, with less people and more space in the slopes. Here you will find several good carving slopes such as slopes 18 and 19.

Up for a challenge?

In Klövsjö you will find Svartåshanget (slope 10), Vemdalen's steepest prepared slope. With a slope of as much as 38 degrees, it is without doubt one of Sweden's most challenging pistes. Challenge yourself or someone else in your party, it really is a slope to put on the check list during a visit to Vemdalen if you can handle some lactic acid in your legs.

From black to green

In Björnrike you will find lots of wonderful long carving runs for the whole group, regardless of whether you're at different levels. There is an easy descent from each lift and most cases also a more difficult piste. This means that you can take the lift up together, split up and choose the slope that suits you best, and then meet down by the lift again. This allows everyone to enjoy downhill skiing and refine their technique on slopes at the appropriate difficulty level.

Great south-facing hangout spot

At the top of the Snow Park in Björnrike you can enjoy stunning views of the Sonfjället mountain. Bring your friends and loved ones, bring a grill lunch and alternate the view by watching the park riders doing their cool jumps and tricks.

Suspense in the forest with Valle

Valle's creations appear in many different places. In Björnrike, he has his very own forest trail at the end of slope 19, where both the old and the young can have fun. In Klövsjö/Storhogna you will find Valle's forest slope from Klövsjötoppen. Side through the magical Valle portal and enjoy bends, velodromes and a nice flow.

Instagram friendly mountains

Sonfjället, along with Hovde's steep and dramatic backside, are perhaps Vemdalen's most photographed mountains. If you take the Pass Express up to Skalstoppen, 940 metres above sea level, you'll find one of Vemdalen's best locations for a photo session with a wide range of slopes - from blue to black.