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Award-winning Vemdalen

In a short time, our dear Vemdalen has had the honour of being awarded and praised as a ski resort. Most recently as Mountain Resort of the Year by Swedish travellers at the Grand Travel Awards.


Over 3,000 Swedish travellers made their voices heard, confirming our strong focus on guest experiences in Vemdalen.

This is not the first time SkiStar Vemdalen has been recognised. It is the third award in a short time, which prompts our destination manager Anders Lundqvist and his colleagues to thank our employees for their fantastic work and drive to create the most memorable mountain experience. We are deeply grateful for the support of Swedish travellers who have given us this award. 


According to the prestigious list from the American Financial Times, Vemdalen has become the only ski resort in northern Europe to be ranked among the world's top 20 most resilient ski resorts to climate change. This ranking shows Vemdalen's strong position in terms of being resilient to climate change and emphasises the importance of the sustainability work we have done and continue to invest heavily in.

Skiresort of the Year 2023

In tough competition with the other nominees Idre Fjäll and Bjursås Berg och Sjö, we were lucky enough to win. Motivation from SLAO read: 

"Many ski families' favourite has long made thoughtful efforts to grow and at the same time managed to preserve its genuine feeling. This year, Vemdalen has taken on the classic Turisten slope, which has been shaped into a perfect profile. A good main slope has become even better and will soon be joined by both new ski areas and biking trails. Björnrike, Klövsjö-Storhogna, Skalet and the village - all parts and actors of Vemdalen come together to create a place to enjoy all year round. No wonder we love to come here, from hikers to free skiers." 

We humbly thank you for the award and we would like to extend the greatest of thanks to our staff and to our visitors we have had this fine winter. Together we create memorable mountain experiences! Check out our summer news in Vemdalen, which includes both liftborne cycling and climbing park here. And you, make sure to book next season's ski holiday at this year's prized ski resort now!