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Skiing Holidays Björnrike

Björnrike is a family-friendly ski area with a large children's area, a SkiStar Snow Park and lots of lodgings right by the slopes. There are a number of restaurants and the ski area is south-facing, which means long sunny days.

Staying in Björnrike

Most of our lodgings here are within skiing distance of the slopes. You stay in a cabin or an apartment, and much of the accommodation is newly built and well equipped.


The skiing

Björnrike's ski area enjoys a sunny southerly aspect. Sweden's longest express lift, the Grizzly Express, will whisk your whole family up to the top of the mountain. From every lift exit you can choose to take a tricky piste or an easy one. Most ski slopes are blue or red, but there are also green pistes here running all the way down from the top.

Children's area

The children's area in Björnrike is called Björnvallen. It is home to Valle's forest trail, Valle's music studio, a mini snow park, easy jumps and rails, conveyor belts, a sledding hill and easy slopes. Björnvallen is also the meeting point for the ski school. 

Facilities in the area: Restaurant, toilets, heated shelter.

Snow Park & Fun Ride

At the top of the ski area is the SkiStar Snow Park. It has green, red and black jumps and features. In Björnvallen you'll also find Valle's minipark which has a green trail for everyone. Big and small, beginners and expert skiers. Here you'll also find SkiStar Member Video feature where you can film your rides and share on social media. 

In Vemdalen you'll find a Fun Ride with jumps, bumps and velodromes that are built to suit everyone, from small children and beginners to advanced skiers. Fun Ride is located by piste number 18 on Vemdalsskalet.