Skiing Holidays Vemdalsskalet

Vemdalsskalet is a picturesque mountain village with sports shops and restaurants, all centred around the square Skalets Torg. Skiing here takes in two mountains, while rapid express lifts whisk you conveniently to the top.

Staying in Vemdalsskalet

Lodgings around Vemdalsskalet are located conveniently right by the ski slopes, with well-equipped cabins and apartments and the Hovde hotel, a modern mountain guesthouse in the heart of the square, Skalets Torg.

The skiing

The ski area stretches across two mountains, while newly built express lifts on both sides allow you to quickly move around between the two. There are both gentle green slopes and challenging blacks. 

Children's area

The children's area is located by Skalets Torg. Here you will find the Skalet Express, a chairlift specially designed for children and beginners. The children's area also boasts button lifts, a covered conveyor belt, some easy slopes and a sledding hill. At the bottom of the children's area is Valle's Cabin. It offers children's daycare and indoor activities for younger children.

Facilities in the area: Heated shelter, toilets, restaurant, BBQ area, sledding hill

Snow Park and Fun Ride

Vemdalen is home to a Fun Ride with jumps, bumps and velodromes that are designed to suit everyone, from small children and beginners to advanced skiers. The Fun Ride is located by piste number 18 on Vemdalsskalet.

The nearest Snow Park is located in Björnrike, at the Gråhognabacken at the top of the ski area.