28 Sep - 1 Oct 2023

Vemdalen’s hiking weekend

Vemdalen’s magnificent mountain environment is an experience not to be missed. Pack your backpack and enjoy a weekend of mountain hiking along trails with beautiful views and rich wildlife.

Book package during Vemdalen's hiking weekend

Fr. EUR 702,50 incl. lodging Thu-Sun + lunch x3 + guide + bus transfer

The Vemdalen hiking weekend is the biggest hiking experience of the year here. Easy hiking trails and well-maintained paths lead you to magnificent views, roaring waterfalls and up beautiful mountain terrain. Together with professional guides and pleasant company, you get to enjoy the mountain environment and learn more about the area’s flora and fauna.

Our hiking weekend starts on Friday in Sonfjället - one of Europe's coolest national parks. During the approx. 10 km hike, you’ll learn more about Sonfjället’s history, flora and fauna. You’ll hunt for bears and get a guided tour through the national park’s hidden gems. Saturday offers another 10 km hike as we head out on the Karl XI trail towards Vemdalsskalet, and on Sunday we’ll hike the approx. 6 km from Björnrike’s trail centre to Vemdalsskalet. 

During the weekend, you can also customise the hike to suit you. There are 16 wonderful hikes to choose from. Stunning mountain scenery and views are guaranteed, whichever trail you choose.


Before heading out on a hike, it's important to pack your rucksack correctly. Below is a packing list of equipment that is good to bring with you.

  • Boots and backpack that are comfortable to wear
  • Plate, cup, and cutlery
  • Water, at least 1 litre
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Extra t-shirts in functional materials and socks
  • Windproof rain gear
  • Blister plasters, painkillers and plasters
  • Charged mobile phone
  • Chocolate, bars, fruits, and nuts