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19 Sep - 22 Sep 2024

iChallenge Trysil 2024

iChallenge Trysil is a cool training weekend filled with training sessions, challenges, competitions, lectures and happenings for everyone who loves training a little more than others.

Lodging during iChallenge Trysil

Here you can challenge yourself in any of the activities, try out new forms of training, learn more about training in any of the workshops and lectures while enjoying the nature in Trysil.

You will be able to select from at least 20 different activities in 150 sessions over 3 days. The activities are carefully selected to give you a good mix of fun, challenging, educational and inspiring sessions while giving you a unique experience of the nature that the mountains offer. The instructors are hand-picked by Karl and Peter and who comes and which sessions they hold will be released on an ongoing basis.

Training ticket 2024

In order to participate in the iChallenge Sälen, you need to buy a training ticket. The training ticket includes all the sessions on the schedule, including the required equipment, and there is no extra cost on site.

Stay at Trysil's best lodging

Radisson Blu is the perfect starting point for those participating in iChallenge Trysil. The hotel offers modern and fresh rooms with direct access to shopping, restaurants and bars.

Weekend hosts

Peter Bláha 

A crossfit-loving ex-gladiator who moved to Marbella and should be stretching more and flexing less.

"We want to deliver a training weekend where everyone challenges themselves based on their ability, and dares to try new things. I'm going to try something I never thought I'd do..."

Karl Dyall 

A dancing Crossfit Games athlete who switched to Yoga and found peace but retained strength and charm.

"We welcome anyone who enjoys training, needs a boost or is looking for a new challenge. There is indeed a variety of activities of varying levels here and we are looking forward to experiencing the weekend in Sälen with you!"