8 Sep - 11 Sep 2022


Join the biggest terrain walk and run for women in Norway. Trysilrypa gathers over 5,000 women and girls for a fantastic weekend in Trysilfjellet.

Trysilrypa offers a variety of activities. Some choose to run against the clock, and there are two great trails to choose between, 6 km or 13 km. Both on paths in beautiful mountain terrain.

Others will enjoy autumn in the mountains without thinking of the time and sign up for the popular mountain walk. Here, too, there are several paths to choose between. Some are short, while others are longer. Common to all of them is that they go up Trysilfjellet. The start point for everyone is Trysil Høyfjellssenter.

In addition there are individual speedwalk classes. There is also 'after run' with live music, 'rypa's evening' and perhaps a little shopping. Trysilrypa is without doubt this year's girls weekend and worth catching up with.

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