News summer 2022

This summer you'll be able to cycle on new trails in Sälen, Åre and Trysil. At our climbing parks in Sälen and Åre, there will be brand new trails to discover together with family and friends. We've also made it easier for you to book more experiences directly through the SkiStar app.

News in Sälen

  • 3-year-olds are welcome and they get their own group in Valle Kids Club.
  • The climbing park is being expanded with two new courses and a new Zipline.
  • The new SkiStarshop Concept Store, an eco-certified building with solar panels on the facade generating self-produced electricity, will open in June.
  • Two new trails.
  • 1200 m2 of new pump track.
  • A trail that makes it easy to cycle between Svansjön and the new SkiStarshop Concept Store, which will be located by ICA Lindvallen.

News in Åre

  • Team Camp Bike Downhill for 12-15 year olds looking for extra speed.
  • Two new courses in the climbing park.
  • New trails in Åre Bike Park Trail Björnen.
  • Upgrade of the Serpentinen, Lilla Blå and Månskogen in Åre Bike Park DH.
  • New view point around the top of Kabinbanan.
  • New outdoor gym in Björnen.
  • The association Åre Bergscyklister inaugurates one of Sweden's largest asphalt pump tracks adjacent to Åre Bikepark.
  • Åre Skateboard Association inaugurates a new concrete skate park at Åre Strand.

News in Trysil

  • Pre-book your bike rental at
  • Radisson Blu Mountain Resort & Residences will be open during the summer.
  • Two new lift-based flow trails from the top of Fjällekspressen.
  • Double the capacity to accommodate bikes with Fjellekspressen.
  • The adventure golf course gets nine new holes and thus has a total of 18 holes.
  • The disc golf course gets six new holes and hence has a total of 18 holes.

News in Hemsedal

  • 8 km of new blue flow trail.
  • Increased lift capacity for both bicycles and passengers.
  • Several restaurants will be open this summer.

Digital news

This summer, it will be easy to book a time slot for our climbing parks in Sälen and Åre and to book swimming at Experium in Sälen directly through the SkiStar app. There will be QR codes that take you directly to the products relevant for the location where you currently are. We have also developed a digital map where you as a guest easily can find the nearest recycling station. In the check in-station there will be a recycling bag with a QR code printed on it that will take you to the map.