Hiking in Trysil

You can hike along marked trails in Trysil, stay with a guided tour or head up to the peaks in Trysil's Top Route Programme.

Trysil has a range of varied mountain nature – with trails suitable for the entire family. If you're lucky, you can meet elk, deer, grouse and other wild animals along the way.

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Trails in and around Trysilfjellet

Trysilfjellet 1132 south (trail 30)

You'll find Trysil's most popular trails on Trysilfjellet (Trysil mountain). The peak is 1,132 m above sea level, and the view from the top is fantastic in clear weather. The shortest route to the top is on the south side, but it's also the steepest. Length: 3.6 km round trip. Total climb: 307 m Highest point: 1132 m

Trysilfjellet 1132 north (trail 31)

The longest route to the top is on the north side, and it's also the flattest. Length: 5.2 km round trip. Total climb: 203 m Highest point: 1132 m

Skurufjellet (trail 38)

The route starts at the Høyfjell Centre, in Fageråsen. The first 400 metres are on asphalt, followed by a 1.1. km gravel road, and then a path along the mountain terrain. Length: 3.8 km round trip. Total climb: 227 m. Highest point: 1044 m Grade: Blue

Kvalptjønnhøgda (trail 33)

You'll get a real feeling of the mountains here and an incredible view. Length: 13 km round trip. Total climb: 322 m. Highest point: 933 m.

Høyfjellssenteret-Fjellroa-Nordre Kanken


Entjønnrunden is a shorter alternative to Kvalptjønnhøgda. Stunning Alpine scenery is guaranteed. The route runs on paths and is occasionally stony. We recommend good walking shoes. Length: 7.3 km Grade: Red


Skurufjellet is a popular hike in Trysilfjellet, and for good reason. This is where you really get the high mountain feeling! You can start Skurufjellrunden from either Høyfjellssenteret or Lågfjellet. The route goes to the top of Skurufjellet, before continuing as a circuit via Skurufjelltjønna and Paradisbukta, and then on a fine trail back to Fageråsen. Note that the stretch from Skurufjelltjønna to Paradisbukta is steep. We recommend good walking shoes. Length: 4.4 km


A fine route on Lågfjellet. The trail goes over rocks and on a fine mountain trail. The feeling of the mountains is all there, even though the route does not go to a peak. A couple of stony stretches mean it's blue-marked. 


Stolpejakt in English means a hunt for posts. These posts are located out in the open, and their GPS coordinates are entered on a map. We recommend downloading the Stolpejakten app, giving an overview of all the recorded posts in Norway on an accurate map. When you find one, use the app to scan in the QR code on its side. 

There are 38 posts in Trysilfjellet/Fageråsen with different degrees of difficulty located in varying terrain, over a wide area. They are colour-graded as green, blue, red and black, with green as the easiest and black as the hardest. 

100 points are awarded per pole visit and 5,000 points and a distinction when the expedition is completed. 

During the pole hunt, you also get the opportunity to check in on three of Trysil's summit tours: Trysilfjellet 1132, Skurufjellet and Kvalptjønnhøgda. Check-in is done in the UT app.

We recommend good shoes, clothing according to the weather and plenty of food and drink.


Trysil's top routes 2023

Trysil's top routes programme is also suitable for small children.

This year there are 14 summit trips in Trysil. All trails are well marked and are distributed over most of the municipality. Download the DNT SjekkUT app, and register your visit at every peak. When the season is over, nice prizes are drawn. The biggest chance of winning is for those who have gone all the trips. To participate in the draw, the trips must be registered by 20 October.

Summit ascents included:

28 Støta

31 Trysilfjellet 1132 nord

38 Skurufjellet

39 Elgshaugen

40 Vardeberget

47 Ulvsjøberget

48 Klanken svart / 49 Klanken

61 Skagsvola

68 Stabbursknappen

69 Styggskøra

70 Varlia

Fulufjellet Nasjonalpark, Brynflået

62 Tverrfjellet

33 Kvalptjønnhøgda (tidl. Fjellrypa lang)

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Opening hours Trysil 2024

In Trysil, the summer season runs from 18 May to 13 October. Here you’ll find the opening hours for the lifts, activities and SkiStarshops.

Opening hours Trysil 2024

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