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Two women practicing trail running in the mountains

Trail running in the mountains

Sweet children have many names - trail running refers to short and good running on nature trails. In this particular case, it applies to nature trails in the stunning Scandinavian mountains.

Trail Running for Everyone

Trail running is for everyone. For those who already run a lot or those who want to discover a new way to get close to the magnificent nature. At our destinations, you’ll find trails that are easy enough for trail running beginners, as well as tougher rides that are a huge challenge for your thigh muscles.

The trail running trails are well marked with red crosses and there are both resting huts and wind shelters along the road. Trail running is a great way to experience the mountain and get exercise at the same time - you decide the pace and the goal completely for yourself.

Take the Lift Up - Trail Run Down

As you take the lift up to the top of the mountain, a world of trails opens up for all types of trail running. Buy a one-way lift ticket, online or in the SkiStar app, to get up the mountain quickly and smoothly and start your trail run.

Challenge Your Trail Run

For many, trail running is a great way to gather energy in everyday life, and also a way to socialise, meet new friends, and enjoy each other's development and progress. During the spring, summer and autumn, several trail running events and competitions are held at our destinations. Register for one of all the events (or why not more, when you're still going?) and you'll have a lovely mountain stay to look forward to, where you'll  will meet and socialise with like-minded people, who also appreciate trail running in all its forms.

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Trail Running & Mountains: A Great Mix

Our trail running joints are of varying difficulty level, ranging from easy-running slopes to challenging climbs over mountain streams and rocks. Here you are the only one who sets the limits. Trail running offers a unique multi-sensory experience. Jump over mountains, among trees, over stakes and rocks overlooking spectacular mountains, smell the colourful nature and hear the porous watercourses in the background.

Hiking and trail running at our destinations