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Trollskogen, The Troll Forest, in Hundfjället is the perfect destination for the whole family. The trolls play and sing every day, even during the summer and autumn seasons.

New! Valle's Troll Tales in Sälen

In summer 2024, the Troll Forest in Hundfjället will be offering lots of fresh troll tales for the whole family. Valle's Troll Tales brings our most beloved trolls to life in the Troll Forest.

Let the family be captivated by exciting and funny stories from the world of trolls as you walk from Valle's sheepfold up to Åke Skidor. Follow the path and scan the QR codes along the way to listen to the tales of the Tooth Trolls, Wild Hasse, the Troll Olympics and many, many more.

Discover the Troll Forest

It's easy and convenient to get here by following the GPS towards Trollskogen. Once you arrive in Hundfjället, there are plenty of car parks around SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället. If you are facing the slope, you go to the right of the lodge and only a short walk up towards Valles Fäbod begins Trollskogen. There are barbecue areas both at the start and a little further up where Trollskogen ends.

A cosy walk with the whole family

The Troll Forest is best experienced with the whole family and a rucksack filled with a packed lunch and a snack. The loop in the forest is an easier walk that even young children can manage and enjoy. The Troll Forest consists of several different parts - discover the Troll Forest, the Tooth Troll Forest, the Troll's shed, the vehicle park, the children's sculpture park and the nature houses.

Discover the summer in Sälen