Avalanche situation in Åre

SkiStar Åre carries out controls of avalanche risk in avalanche-exposed terrain where you can ski from an open lift/slope back to an open lift/slope, primarily using explosives. However, we can never say with certainty that these slopes are completely safe.

For this area SkiStar Åre provides daily information on the measures implemented/planned, as well as an assessment of the current situation. In the areas outside those reached by skiing from and back to an open lift/slope, there is no control.

The basis for avalanche information is the Environmental Protection Agency's national avalanche prognoses. 

Avalanche prognoses

Avalanche prognoses indicate the assessment of avalanche risk in figures, which apply within the relevant forecast area. Signs are posted in the most common places where you leave SkiStar Åre's area, including terrain classification on the map and text regarding what to consider and be aware of.

The points below apply to all off-piste skiing.

  • Always make yourself searchable! Always carry avalanche safety gear with you (transceiver, probe, shovel, balloon bag, RECCO) and ensure you are trained in and regularly practise companion rescue.
  • Never ski alone
  • Never stop directly beneath a scarp/slope, ski out to the side.
  • Keep in mind that you can trigger avalanches over other people – never go out on a steep slope if you have people below you.
  • The fact that someone has skied on the slope before does not mean it is safe.
  • Unmarked obstructions/hazards may be present in the terrain.
  • In the event of an accident, it may take a long time to get help.
  • Always report if you see avalanche activity or if you have triggered an avalanche.


All skiing outside of marked and prepared slopes is considered off-piste and is done at your own risk. Follow the signs, markings and posted avalanche risk and avalanche information. All skiers/snowboarders using ungroomed slopes should have good knowledge of assessing avalanche risk.

Avalanche risk

Respect the indicated avalanche risk and ensure that you have the knowledge required to venture outside designated areas and to assess avalanche risk. In terrain with a slope of more than 20-30 degrees, there is always a risk, even if others have previously skied in the area.

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