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Skiing Holidays Åre Björnen

Child- and beginner-friendly with easy slopes and lots of activities for children. From here the entire Åre piste network is just around the corner and there are many newly built lodgings of a high standard right by the slopes.

Staying in Åre Björnen

In Åre Björnen most lodgings are right on the ski slopes. There are many newly built lodgings that work both for small families and for those looking for lots of beds and large spaces. This is also where you'll find the award-winning design hotel, the Copperhill Mountain Lodge.

Skiing in Åre Björnen

The lifts here are easy and the slopes are greens and blues. Åre Björnen is connected to the rest of Åre's ski area by two chairlifts.

Children's areas in Åre Björnen

Valles torg

Around the square of Valles torg you will find Valle's workshop, music studio, mine and stage. Children here will meet Valle the Snowman several days a week, and this is also where Valle's après-ski takes place. In the vicinity there are several conveyor belts and easy button lifts.

Facilities nearby: Toilets, café, heated shelter, small groceries shop, BBQ area, suntrap terrace, SkiStarShop.

Björnlandet - Land of the Bears

A fairy-tale forest where children encounter a bear family on a skiing holiday. Along the loop there are play spots to stop at. Ski through an après-ski venue, play on wooden instruments, drive a wooden snowmobile or just play on your skis in the forest. Björnlandet is located by the Järvenliften lift (B44).

Facilities nearby: restaurant, BBQ area

Snow Park & Fun Ride

At the top of the Björnen lift there is a small green level park with a mini mogul. 

In Åre you will find a Fun Ride with jumps, bumps and velodromes that are built to suit everyone, from small children and beginners to advanced skiers. The Fun Ride is located at piste number 54 in Rödkullen/Bräcke.

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