Detailed opening hours

Dates for season 2019-2020

Duved, Hamreliften (D2)  As soon as we can offer a good alpine product. 19 April
Duved, Torpliften (D4) 6 December 19 April
Duved, other lifts 19 December* 19 April
Åre, VM8:an (Å22) 15 November 3 May
Åre, Rödhakeliften (Å16) & Bräckeliften (Å21) 15 November (Fri-Sun)
6 December (Daily)
3 May
Åre, VM6:an (Å31) & Worldcupliften (Å30) 6 December 3 May
Åre, Gondolen (H23) 15 November (Fri-Sun)
19 December (Daily)
3 May
Åre, övriga liftar inkl.
Kabinbanan (Å29)
19 December* 3 May

inkl. Fjällgårdsexpressen (Å34) & Tottliften (Å35)
19 December* 19 April
Högzonslift Duved, Fjällvallsliften (D10) 25 December
3 February
6 January
19 April
Högzonsliftar Åre,
Stendalsliften (H24)
Tväråvalvsliftarna (H25, H27)
3 February

3 May

*The extent is determined by snow conditions and the weather.


extra open 25 December-6 January
(not on december 24 and december 31)
Duved, Linbanan (D3)  Daily 08:00-15:00
Duved, Fjällvallsliften (D10) Daily  09:30-15:00
Åre, Bräckeliften (Å21) with Garden Daily
(not Wed.) 
Åre, VM8:an (Å22) Daily
(not Wed) 
Björnen, Vargliften (B42)
& Björnenliften (B40) 


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