Valles skiing rules

Learn where you can stop on the slopes, and which way to look. When you know Valles skiing rules, you’ll be a great skiing buddy on the slopes.


Ski down in a secure manner - Valle’s rules makes it easy!

  My friends wisp around in all directions on my slopes
I look up and down, to make sure I’m in control
Especially if I’m making an outgoing turn
Then everything will be fine from the start to the end!
  There are many who are new to Valle’s world on the slopes
Maybe you’ll pass someone who doesn’t know it all.
So make sure you give enough space when you pass someone
On my slopes, we have a mate guarantee!
When I rest
I always stand on the edge and look around
Do as I do
Take a rest where no one is skiing
  It is easy to fall over on the slopes
Help a friend who has gotten hurt!
Stop, even if you don’t know the person
On the slopes, we are all friends!
  You may never go straight ahead without making a turn
because if you’re really unlucky, you might crash into a gang of hedgehogs!
It is always best when you make turns that makes the snow fly
Snow is what we love most of all!

The lifts will take you up towards the mountains fairy tale land,
but look out, and be careful how you steer!
Never go zig zag on purpose
Be careful with the lifts, so everybody gets to use them
If it breaks, someone might fall!


In Valle’s world we love every little snow flake
and we have a rule saying we always bring a friend when we go skiing through the wooded area!

Tips: Download Valle’s app that contains games and Valles skiing rules

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