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Valles skiing rules

Learn where you can stop on the slopes, and which way to look. When you know Valles skiing rules, you’ll be a great skiing buddy on the slopes.

Swoosh downhill safely - With Valle’s rules, it’s easy!

  Skiers come from every angle 
I’ll look up and down to avoid a tangle 
When I’m setting off, especially 
It’s important that I can see
  Many here are new to the slopes 
That skier you’re passing may be learning the ropes 
So don’t get too close as you ski on past 
If we keep our distance, we can all have a blast!
When I’m tired and I need a rest 
I’m going to do what I know is the best 
I’ll stand to the side so I’m not in the way 
And I’ll watch for a while, see the others at play
  On the slopes it’s easy to fall 
But in Valle’s World we’re friendly to all 
If you see someone’s hurt, do stop and help 
Know them or not, don’t wait for a yelp!
  You must never ski straight down the hills 
Just a little bad luck and it’s painkilling pills! 
It’s always better to turn, make a swish
After all, is there anything more you could wish?
  The lift takes us up to the mountaintop air 
But pay attention to how you get there! 
Please don’t go swishing from side to side 
Don’t give the others an uncomfortable ride 
Take care on the lift so it can handle us all 
Otherwise, someone may be in for a fall!
  In Valle’s World, we love snowflakes and to have fun
And don’t go alone, if you do a forest run!    

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