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Stay with Valle at the Holiday Club

At the Holiday Club in Åre, Valle offers a range of experiences and activities for families and visitors at the hotel. Valle also acts as a role model for kids, presenting his wholesome values in a fun and inspiring way.

An active hotel for the whole family

Holiday Club Åre is a mountain adventure hotel that supports active living all year round. The hotel offers spacious rooms for the whole family. Upon arrival, you can purchase admission to the hotel’s impressive Water park, complete with Season Sauna. Admission to the Water park includes access to the Holiday Club, which is Åre’s Active Inclusive concept. Here you will find both the Eatery restaurant, where the whole family can enjoy delicious food and Neapolitan pizzas, and the O'Learys sports bar with bowling and shuffleboard.

Valle at the Holiday Club

 You’ll often find Valle at the Holiday Club, especially during the school holidays, when the hotel runs Valle’s gym and other fun activities. Read more about the activities programme at holidayclub.se