Valle and the World Ski Championships 2019 in Åre

Valle's biggest dream has come true: he's been given the prestigious jobs of being both cheerleader and official mascot during Alpine World Ski Championships 2019 in Åre.

The fact that the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019 are coming to Åre, Valle's home patch, is massive for Valle. He has always loved the Alpine World Championships, not just the races themselves, but also the joy in skiing and the party for everyone that come with them. The fact that he is now also going to get the chance to be a part of his greatest love, both by being a cheerleader and official mascot, leaves him overjoyed. 

Valle is super-excited about the whole winter in Åre and getting to ski, perform for and hug all the children who come to visit. During the World Championships in particular, Valle will need extra help from everyone in cheering because, as we all know, Valle only speaks the language of snow. Valle will be in and around the World Championships arena to greet, hug and high-five everyone. Come and help Valle cheer during the 2019 World Championships in Åre.

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