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Registration is binding and non-refundable
All participants must have a valid licence (NCF) and must present this when picking up the start number. If you do not have a general or extended license, you can redeem a one-time license by signing up. See more information about insurance and licensing conditions on NCF's website www.sykling.no
Riders are responsible for familiarising themselves with the information published by the organiser.
Riders must follow the signs and directions along the way. Riders must stick to the trail and not make turns or take shortcuts that obviously give a time advantage. If you break markers, you must return to the trail where you broke the tape AND hang up the tape again, which serves as an important guide for all riders behind you.
Stewardship and respect for nature are fundamental elements of the event, both to preserve the fine trails and to maintain a good relationship with other trail users and landowners. It is therefore forbidden to litter or unnecessarily destroy trails.
Violation of the rules may result in a time penalty or disqualification based on severity.


Full-face helmet + knee protection is mandatory. Riders must wear a helmet when cycling, both up and down. The helmet must be worn on the head with the chinstrap attached below the chin.
Other protective equipment such as gloves, knee, elbow and back protection is optional but recommended!
It is the duty of each rider to stop and help an injured rider, and to ensure that the nearest guard is notified of the incident. If necessary, call the emergency number immediately. Lost time will be adjusted at discretion based on an assessment by the organiser. Carrying a mobile phone with a sufficient battery is strongly recommended: you could be the first person to come across a serious injury!


Riders are only allowed to use one bike throughout the ride
No outside support equipment is allowed during the ride, except for the younger classes.
You must carry your own spare parts, food, and drinks for the duration of the ride. Helping a fellow rider is permitted.
The depot area is only available by car at the start/finish area. It is otherwise forbidden to leave equipment elsewhere. The organiser has no guard or person responsible for equipment at, or outside the depot.