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Terms and conditions

The Trail Bike Camp 2024 is organised by SkiStar Trysil and Radisson Blu Resort Trysil.

Parents and participants accept the following rules and guidelines for participation when registering:

1. Registration is binding. 

2. All participants in the Trail Bike Camp 2024, from 23-28 June, takes place at the sole risk and responsibility of the guardian and participant. Guardians are responsible for the participant and, where appropriate, bikes and other equipment brought with you are insured.

3. All participants must wear a helmet during all cycling activities. Other protective equipment such as gloves, back, elbow and knee pads are strongly recommended.

4. The participant must assess the terrain, elements and ability in relation to the difficulty level. The organiser is not responsible for any accidents and damage that may occur during the camp. 

5. The event is drug-free! This includes drugs, alcohol, tobacco and doping agents. In the event of violation, the participant will be sent home immediately without any refund.

6. Damage to another person’s property must be compensated by the participant’s guardian. In serious cases, the participant will be sent home immediately without a refund.

7. Camp participants cannot “come and go as they please”. Leaving the camp must be notified to the organiser well in advance so that we have full control and supervision of all participants at all times. Football matches, birthdays or similar are not considered grounds to leave.

8. The camp is bully-free! Bullying or harassment may result in the participant being sent home immediately without a refund.

9. Upon registration, guardians consent, to the children being photographed and filmed during the camp stay.  These images may be used on websites and social media for advertising and marketing the camp. 

9. If a participant chooses to withdraw from the camp due to illness or other reasons, the organiser must be notified immediately. This does not entitle you to a refund. 


A review of the safety rules will take place on the first day of the camp. Safety is always a top priority and we take great care to ensure that participants follow our safety rules. 

When registering and paying for the Trail Bike Camp, you, as a parent and the participant, understand that the activities involve a certain level of risk. Safety is always a top priority and we will do everything we can to prevent accidents from happening.